Traeger Grills


It all began over 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon, USA,  sparked by an innovator’s idea to focus on the food, and not the grill.

From those humble beginnings, a wood-fired revolution was launched, spreading like wildfire, and ultimately forging Traeger into the number one selling wood-pellet grill in the world. It’s how humans have cooked for millions of years. Nothing tastes like it because nothing is like it. Real wood, real smoke, real flavour, every time.

Traeger`s goal is to continually innovate, with an ambition to make outdoor cooking easier and better tasting than ever. The Traeger range will help you spend less time tending to the grill, and more time on bringing family and friends together, creating a more flavorful world. Also with Traeger`s revolutionary set it and forget it system, cooking has never been easier than before.

- Traeger Grills Brochure

Traeger Grills

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