Stove Supermarket - Stove Offers

If the above banner is displayed on a stove's product page, you will be able to select from one of the following free stove offers.

Here at Stove Supermarket, we understand that there is no such thing as "one offer suits all." Therefore, we have put together a list of multiple FREE STOVE OFFERS for you to choose from, available on most of our listed online stoves!

Any stove on our website displaying the above offer banner at the top of the page will qualify for a free stove offer. All you have to do is select which offer you'd like to receive on the stove's product page, complete your purchase, and we will then send you your free gift along with your new stove!

We are continually evolving our free stove offers, so keep an eye out for even more great deals in the not too distant future! In the meantime, if you have any questions about any of our free stove offers, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Installation Pack


This exclusive, one-of-a-kind offer is available when purchasing both a qualifying stove and flue liner together. The Installation Pack includes all of the required materials to install your brand new stove safely, and has a retail value of £215!

Please note that the flue liner and installation pack cannot be sent seperately and both have to be delivered at the same time as the stove.

The pack consists of: 1 x Pot Hanging Cowl, 1 x Metre of Black Enamel Flue Pipe to match your stove`s flue outlet, 1 x Nose Cone, 1 x Flue Pipe to Liner Adapter, 1 x Carbon Monoxide Alarm, 1 x 500gm KOS Fire Cement tub, 1 x Metre of Lagging Rope, 1 x 30ml Heatbond Adhesive, 1 x Data Plate, 10 x Self Tapping Screws, and 1 x 1200mm x 800mm x 12mm STS Construction Board.

Flue Pipe & Thermometer


Have a FREE metre of black enamel flue pipe and a Valiant Flue Pipe Thermometer on us! We will supply you with a metre length of flue pipe to suit the flue collar size of your new stove. The magnetic flue pipe thermometer displays the temperature of your flue, enabling you to maintain a safe and efficient operating temperature, helping to reduce your overall fuel consumption.

Stove Fan


How about a FREE 2 Blade Stove Fan worth £45? This fan will gently and silently move the hot air from around your stove into your room — rather than losing the rising heat to the ceiling, or up the chimney. With the My Stove Fan - Original 2 Blade Stove Fan you'll stay nice and toasty next to your new stove, and as an added bonus the extra hot air in your room will help lower your average fuel usage.