Stove Installation Packs

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What is an Installation Pack?

Installation packs include everything you need for the installation of your stove.

They consist of the necessary components for connecting the stove to the stove's flue pipe, the stove's flue pipe to the stove's flue liner, the stove's flue liner to the chimney pot stack, and everything else in between!

How to get it free!

If you buy a stove and flue liner from us, we will give you an installation pack worth up to £215 for absolutely free!

To see how it works, follow the 4 simple steps below.

Step 1.

Browse our massive collection of stoves. Stoves displaying the following banner above their product page are valid for the free installation pack offer.


Installation Packs - Step 1

Step 2. 

On the stoves product page, under the product option "DO YOU NEED INSTALLATION MATERIALS?" - select "YES - I Want To Add Flue Liner & Recieve A FREE INSTALLATION PACK!"


Installation Packs - Step 2

Step 3.

A selection of flue liner options should now be available to choose from. Select your desired flue liner from the list.


Remember - 316 liners are recommended for seasoned dry wood burning, 904 liners are recommended for smokeless fuel/coal.


Installation Packs - Step 3

Step 4.

Select your free liner pack. 


Make sure you choose the right size for your stove. A "5" flue to 5" liner Installation Pack" will fit a stove with a 5" flue outlet to a 5" liner. If your flue liner is 6" and the stoves flue outlet is 5" make sure you select "5" flue to 6" liner Installation Pack".


Installation Packs - Step 4

What's exactly inside the pack?

Select an installation pack below to see what you get inside.

5" to 5" Installation Pack 5" To 6" Installation Pack 6" To 6" Installation Pack