10 Reasons why you should use a wood burning stove

10 Reasons why you should use a wood burning stove

A wood burning stove, otherwise known as a wood burner or log burner, is a staple feature in any lifestyle magazine. Envy-inducing features on beautifully decorated and cosy homes are rarely complete without a log burner centrepiece. 

However, there’s more to wood burners than a cosy feature in your home. Here are the top 10 reasons you should use a wood burning stove:

1. Log burners look universally good in any style of room

Whether you live in a period property or a modern dwelling there’s the right log burner ready to blend in seamlessly, whether it be traditional, free-standing, modern, or an inset wood burner.


2. Excellent and efficient heat source

Wood burning stoves are an incredible source of heat and will heat even a large room very quickly. To maximise the radiating warmth, invest in a small fan to waft the heat around the room. 


3. Saving on heating bills

As the nights draw in it is tempting to put the central heating on. With a log burner, there is no need to wastefully heat your whole house. Warm up your sitting room with a log burner and switch on your radiators for just an hour before bedtime to heat the bedrooms.


4. Boiler broken down? No problem

If your boiler breaks down, you can still efficiently heat your home if you have a wood burner.


5. Environmentally sound choice

Burning wood is more eco-friendly than using fossil fuels such as gas and coal. Wood is considered an environmentally balanced source of fuel and is also a renewable source of energy. 


6. Encourages family time

Any family with older children will recognise the image of each family member in their own rooms on their own devices. A central, cosy and luxuriously warm wood burner feature will no doubt encourage everyone to sit and spend time together as a family. 


7. Reliable

There are multiple things that can go wrong with your central heating system, sometimes involving costly repairs. Low cost chimney sweeping once a year alongside general maintenance checks on your wood burner can ensure a reliable source of heat in your home. 


8. Safer option

Stoves produce far fewer harmful air pollution particles compared to open fires. As the fire is contained within the log burner, it is also a safer option, although the unit does get exceedingly hot so care still needs to be taken especially with children and animals. 


9. Multi-environment heaters

As long as there is a way for the wood burner’s vent to exit the dwelling, a wood burner can be installed. A small wood burning stove can be found on boats and in sheds, with larger versions fitted in multiple locations inside a more traditional home. 


10. Budgeting friendly 

Heating bills can seem like they are constantly climbing and can be a huge worry. Buying wood in bulk at the beginning of the season can be a reassurance that your home will be heated throughout the winter, with no surprise bills. 

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