Espegard is a norwegian manufacturer of outdoor fire pans, fire pits, and accessories.

Many of the fire pits feature a bowl within an outer shell keeping an area underneath free of debris promoting better airflow, a hotter flame, and a more efficient and smokeless burn. Others are held aloft on tripod stands making them easy to set up on grass when camping or setting it up for a barbecue.

Over 30 year’s focus on quality has Espegard with excellent experience and they always strive ahead in relation to product development and improvement. Their goal is to facilitate an easily accessible outdoor life for most people, whether they are eager leisure-time enthusiasts or not.

Today, Espegard products are used by the Norwegian Royal family, grandparents in the deep forests and families by the coast and in the mountains. We hope you will enjoy them as well. There is no better place to be than outdoors in nature together with Espegard products.

Espegard Fire Pits & Accessories

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