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We stock and supply the entire elegant outdoor living range by Morso. The outdoor living lifestyle is becoming more and more important for families all over the world. In a day and age where mobile phones and technology can intrude on the traditional family social environment -  Morso have developed a must-have range of outdoor products to bring the family closer together, complementing your time in the sun.

Morso has developed exclusive outdoor products to complement all social situations. The flames from the ovens create a social and cozy setting for all members of your family. Furthermore, it's possible to use the Forno as a smoke oven, bakery oven, BBQ and even to make the best pizzas in the world.

- Morso Outdoor Brochure

Morso Outdoor Living

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62981131 - Morso Ignis Fire Pit
Morso Ignis Fire Pit
£195.00 £199.00