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Looking for an Alternative to Wood Burning Stoves - Why not try Gas or Electric?

Looking for an Alternative to Wood Burning Stoves - Why not try Gas or Electric? 0

Wood burning stoves have been around for hundreds of years and are the traditional way to heat up your house. Their nostalgic style adds to the charm of any room, creating a warm and ambient feel. They construct an inviting, rustic feeling and their benefits are the reason they have been around for so long, but as people become more aware of the alternatives to wood burners they are frequently turning to electric or gas alternatives.
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How to Maintain Your Stove for Life

How to Maintain Your Stove for Life 0

Maintaining your stove correctly can contribute to a longer life-span, more efficient burning of fuel and will keep your stove looking like new longer! There are lots of ways that you can keep your stove in good working order including chimney sweeping, checking rope seals, using good quality fuel and generally taking care of the aesthetic side of your stove, including keeping your glass sparkly and clean.


Have your chimney swept

Getting your chimney swept at least twice a year is a key element of stove maintenance and can increase the efficiency of your stove. Neglecting a chimney sweep can lead to creosote build-up which can be a cause of chimney fires. Ensure that you look for registered chimney sweeps or HETAS registered installers when booking your chimney service.


Check your rope seals

Rope seal is the heat-resistant fire rope that is fitted around your stove door. If your rope becomes worn over time this can mean air is let into the body of the stove rendering the stove inefficient. Be sure to check the look of your rope seal every time you open your stove door to know when it’s time to fit a replacement!


Use good quality fuel

You can check the quality of your fuel if using a wood burning stove with a moisture meter – moisture content should be below 20% for it to be efficient and safe to burn. If the moisture content of your wood is above this level it can mean that there is a build up of deposit over time within your chimney and stove. When using other fuels we recommend using DEFRA approved fuel sources. You can take a look at the DEFRA site here


Keep your stove glass looking good as new

Most good quality stoves will have an air wash system for keeping your glass clean, however, your glass can still become discoloured over time due to a variety of reasons and you should look to other ways to keep on top of this common issue. There are plenty of quality stove maintenance products out there that can keep your stove looking sparkly and clean, take a look at our range of cleaning products on our accessories page


By following our advice and a stove maintenance regime you’re sure to get the best out of your stove, now and in the future to come.

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The rise of the Eco-Stove - Why you should make the switch.

The rise of the Eco-Stove - Why you should make the switch. 0

We all want to do our bit towards a better world: whether that’s using less plastic, recycling glass bottles or driving an efficient car. Each of us is looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment: and choosing a stove is no different...
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Why Stove Fans are a Key Accessory for Wood Burning Stove Owners

Why Stove Fans are a Key Accessory for Wood Burning Stove Owners 1

Stove fans are powered completely by the heat generated from your wood burning or multi-fuel stove. They do not require any electricity to function, so you don’t need to worry about any extra batteries or electric mains to run.

These fans typically sit on the top of the stove body and use the transference of heat between the surface of the stove body and the base of the fan to power the motor and blades.

Heat travels up from the base of the fan to heat a Peltier device installed underneath the fan’s blades. The heating of this device causes thermoelectric energy, which begins to turn the blades and circulate the warm air around the room.

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Can I Burn Wood Without Causing Pollution?

Can I Burn Wood Without Causing Pollution? 0

As part of the government’s 25 year plan to improve air quality across the country wood burning stoves and open fires have come under increasing scrutiny, being accused of causing 38% of damaging pollution in the UK. In reality must of this pollution is unnecessary and if we understand the causes of air pollution we can make changes as individuals, and as a country, to improve life for everyone.

So how can I get this right?

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Why is my stove glass discoloured?

Why is my stove glass discoloured? 0

There is nothing more satisfying than watching the roaring flames of your wood burning stove on a cool evening through a sparkling clean viewing window. After all, that’s one of the key selling points of owning a stove and is no doubt one of the reasons many people chose to buy a stove.

The last thing that you would want as a stove owner is for this view to be ruined, so if your stove glass starts to go discoloured or begins to turn black then you will want to do everything to avoid this happening and spoiling your view.

A little soot or cloudiness is normal, and some residue on the stove glass is simple by-product of burning wood or smokeless fuels.

However, if the glass is cloudy or discoloured and doesn’t wipe clean, then you may need to look at how you’re operating your fuel and why this might be happening.

So why could your stove glass be clouding over?

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