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Can I Burn Wood Without Causing Pollution?

Can I Burn Wood Without Causing Pollution? 0

As part of the government’s 25 year plan to improve air quality across the country wood burning stoves and open fires have come under increasing scrutiny, being accused of causing 38% of damaging pollution in the UK. In reality must of this pollution is unnecessary and if we understand the causes of air pollution we can make changes as individuals, and as a country, to improve life for everyone.

So how can I get this right?

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Why is my stove glass discoloured?

Why is my stove glass discoloured? 0

There is nothing more satisfying than watching the roaring flames of your wood burning stove on a cool evening through a sparkling clean viewing window. After all, that’s one of the key selling points of owning a stove and is no doubt one of the reasons many people chose to buy a stove.

The last thing that you would want as a stove owner is for this view to be ruined, so if your stove glass starts to go discoloured or begins to turn black then you will want to do everything to avoid this happening and spoiling your view.

A little soot or cloudiness is normal, and some residue on the stove glass is simple by-product of burning wood or smokeless fuels.

However, if the glass is cloudy or discoloured and doesn’t wipe clean, then you may need to look at how you’re operating your fuel and why this might be happening.

So why could your stove glass be clouding over?

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Why do I need a Twin Wall Flue?

Why do I need a Twin Wall Flue? 0

Are you considering buying a wood burning or multi-fuel stove for your home but you don’t have a chimney breast to direct smoke and emissions out of your home? Are you worried this might prevent you from buying a stove, or will mean that the installation process is costly and lengthy?

It may seem like the only option is to undergo complex renovations within your home to create a chimney breast, as many modern homes do not already have these in place, but this isn’t the case.

Twin Wall Flue systems are designed specifically for customers who are looking to install a wood burning or multi-fuel stove in their home but have restrictions like the above. A well-designed twin wall flue system would provide the same function as a chimney breast, but is more flexible and can be designed around your requirements.

But what exactly are they?

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Why should I line and insulate my chimney?

Why should I line and insulate my chimney? 0

When purchasing a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, there are a number of things to consider. The installation process is just one step where choices have to be made to ensure your stove is fitted so it functions in the safest, most effective manner.

You may have heard mention of flue liners and chimney insulation while researching what you’ll need for a wood burning stove, but you may also be wondering if these are a crucial addition to your installation costs. For example, if you already have a chimney breast in your home, you may already think you have everything in place.

However, open fires and wood burning stoves function in very different ways and many solid fuels need all the help they can get to keep rising air nice and hot.

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Can Wood Burning Stoves be Eco-Friendly?

Can Wood Burning Stoves be Eco-Friendly? 0

While they may have been used traditionally in countryside homes, especially those with low access to heating networks or those with their own waste wood to burn, wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular in many British households.

Close to 200,000 wood burning stoves are installed every year in the UK, with this trend only set to increase.

Given the recent extreme weather conditions, there is also a rising trend of being self-conscious about the impact individuals have on the environment which has caused big brands to ditch the plastic and make promises to consumers that they will reduce the amount of waste they produce.

But what about wood burning stoves? Are they actually as eco-friendly as they claim?

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How to spot the best firewood for your stove

How to spot the best firewood for your stove 0

A wood-burning stove could be the perfect addition to your home as we begin to approach the winter months! However, there are a number of things to take into consideration, one of which being making sure you are burning the correct wood!

We have put together an easy guide for how to spot the perfect wood to help your stove burn at its absolute best!

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