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How long does installation take?

Most installations are completed in a day however, any additional time required would be accounted for prior to works commencing.

Do I have to pay for installation?

Installation on all of our products is chargeable. Whilst we only install within a 60-mile radius we are happy to help locate your local accredited installer.

I am worried about emissions and their impact on the environment. What should I do?

This is a hot topic at the moment! Stoves which are Defra approved mean that they meet the current guidelines set in burning fuel cleanly. As we move towards 2022 the Stove Industry Alliance will introduce new stricter requirements with emissions. This is seen as a hugely positive step by our industry as we look to irradiate the sale/installation of appliances who can’t boast our same level of eco credentials.

What is the warranty on the stoves?

Each manufacture has a different policy where warranty is concerned so why not call a member of the team to discuss this in more detail.

Can I buy parts to restore my stove?

Purchasing parts to repair/restore your stove is a great way to prolong your appliance lifespan. We carry a large number of spares parts for all of the goods we sell meaning you can enjoy your appliance for many years to come.

I’m not sure what I need. How can I talk to an expert?

We are always here to help guide you through any purchase so why not give a member of the sales team a call to discuss your requirements.

Can I cancel/ change my order?

Your order can be cancelled or changed with no charge prior to the item being dispatched.

Can I get discounts/ what discounts do you offer?

Many of our products are already discounted but we also offer free delivery on baskets above £75.00. We also have additional promotions throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled.

What happens to my old stove?

Your old stove can be disposed of in a number of ways however this is something which we are unable to assist you in..

How long does delivery take?

Stock items are normally delivered next weekday when ordered before 12:00. If you product is out of stock then you will be notified of the estimate lead-time upon receipt of order.

Do I need to pay for delivery?

Delivery is free of charge on baskets over £75.00

Can I track my delivery?

We provide tracking details for all parcels once the item is dispatched. On palletised deliveries we are unable to provide estimated delivery times until the day of delivery.

Can I return a stove? Will this cost me?

If you wish to return a stove in it original packaging then you would credited less the initial delivery charge and to cost of collection.

Can I buy fitting materials?

All fitting materials are listed on our site, if you would like some assistance then please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the sales team.

What size Stove (KW) should I buy?

The size of output you require is determined by the size of your room. Why not see for yourself by applying this simple equation. (length in meter x width in meter x height in meter divide by 14)

Wood burning or multifuel? What’s the difference?

A wood burning stove is just that where a multi fuel stove has a number of alternative fuel option whilst still burning wood too.

What is a flue liner? Do I need one?

A flue liner with reline a damaged of leaking chimney. The way to tell if you require one is by having your chimney swept professionally and asking for then to perform a tightness test whist there to determine if the chimney has any defects.

How safe are wood burning stoves?

Wood burning stoves are just as safe as any other domestic heating method. When installed and maintained by a professional wood burning stove are just as safe as any other form of domestic heating.

Cast iron or Steel stoves- which is best?

We’re asked this question quite a lot and the honest answer is neither. Cast is the more traditional method of production whilst steel is seen as the newcomer and has come about due to technological developments in manufacturing..In short both provide a brilliant source of heat and will last for years to come.

Can I have a stove if I don’t have a chimney?

Yes, twin wall flue systems can be fitted almost anywhere, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Are gas stoves better or worse than wood burning stoves?

Gas stoves are considered an easier option for some people as there are many models with remove controls. Also the need to store quality seasoned wood means a wood burning stove isn’t suitable for everyone.

Where do I buy wood from?

Quality wood can be purchased from all reputable fuel merchants. All wood that is seasoned and ready to burn should now display the Ready to burn emblem.

Can I pay for my stove in instalments?

At this time we dint offer finance options.

How do you light a wood burning stove?

Why not seem our blog on how to best light your stove.

What accessories should I buy?

Why not check out Valiant’s fantastic range of accessories.

Where can I buy sustainable firewood?

Quality seasoned and sustainable wood can be purchased form your local fuel merchant or online by searching for wood suppliers displaying the ready to burn emblem.

Which type of wood should I go for?

See our blog on the best wood types for cleans safe burning.

Can I burn wood in a smoke-controlled area?

You can providing your appliance is certified for use in smoke control areas. A list of these appliances can be found on HETAS.co.uk website under the approved appliances section.

Do wood burning stoves save money? What is the difference compared to central heating?

It has long been said that wood burning stoves provide a saving on fuel bills. This is largely due to the rising price of natural gas.

How long do wood burning stoves last?

A quality wood burning stove professionally installed and maintained should never need replacing.

How should I clean the glass in my wood burning stove?

The best way to clean glass is by using Valiant’s active glass scrub as this will remove even the most stubborn marks. It is worth noting that burning a quality seasoned wood will limit the number of time your glass will require cleaning.

How should I clean my wood burning stove?

Wood burning stoves tend to burn better with a light bed of ash in the stoves base. We would recommend that all appliance are monitored periodically to ensure that they are emptied when required so as not to block off any of the air into the appliance as this can affect the stoves ability to perform correctly.

Are stoves safe around children and pets?

We always recommend that all stoves are fitted with an appropriate guard when children and pets are in the room. Wood burning stove can operate up to 500 degrees

How often should I have my chimney swept?

Your chimney should be swept at least once a year although heavy use of solid fuels may require a more regular maintenance schedule.

My fireplace is blocked up, what do I do?

If you notice your fireplace isn’t functioning correctly or your co alarm sounds then stop using it immediately and contact an accredited heating engineer to carry our any necessary maintenance work.

What maintenance does my stove need?

Regular sweeping of the chimney and a parts inspection t ensure all element of your appliance are functioning correctly and safely.

The stove I want is out of stock, can you let me know when it is available?

Absolutely, we will be able to provide you with an up to date lead-time by speaking with the stove manufacturer.