The Kindling Cracker firewood splitter is made in an Australian foundry. It consists of one solid piece of high-quality cast iron, so it's something that your grandkids' grandkids will use to split their own kindling, if cared for and used correctly.

The only maintenance it needs is a bit brushing off and maybe a touch of paint from time to time to look like new for generations to come.

The simple, safe and easy-to-use design that began as a science fair project has become a perennial award winner, from science fairs in New Zealand to regional and international recognition from Scientific American, International TeenBusiness, Google and more.

The Kindling Cracker was originally invented and designed by 13 year old Ayla Hutchinson from New Zealand who came up with the idea after her mother badly cut herself whilst trying to split firewood with an axe.

Kindling Cracker

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