Explore Arada's latest Outdoor Living collection, a testament to the enduring legacy of this esteemed stove manufacturer. This innovative range showcases their expertise in crafting contemporary yet functional fire pits, outdoor heaters, and chimeneas. Arada seamlessly blends modern design with practicality.

As one of the United Kingdom's premier brands, Arada stands tall as a symbol of excellence. Every stove and fire pit bearing the Arada name is meticulously constructed in the UK, originating from their purpose-built factory and warehouse nestled in Devon. With over three decades of experience in the wood-burning industry, Arada brings a wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship to each product.

Whether you're drawn to the inviting glow of a fire pit, the comforting warmth of an outdoor heater, or the timeless charm of a chimenea, Arada's Outdoor Living range invites you to elevate your outdoor experience with a perfect blend of style, functionality, and the assurance of over 30 years of expertise.

Arada Outdoor Living

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