5 Garden Trends You Should Know for 2020

5 Garden Trends You Should Know for 2020

With the colder weather, your garden can seem inhospitable. However, there are various ways to make your garden a comfortable place to socialise and relax in during the colder months.

In fact, five of the biggest trends for 2020 are about making your garden usable all year round. Read on to discover what these trends are, and how you can make your garden at the forefront of the hottest styles.

Sustainable gardening

Over the past few years, there has been an increased desire - and indeed, increased demand - for everything to become more environmentally friendly; not doing so could cause irreversible damage to our planet. As such, one of the biggest trends set to hit 2020 is sustainable gardening. Whether this is the more frequent use of homemade compost, or planting flowers and herbs to encourage the appearance of little helpers such as bees and butterflies, one of your main priorities should be to ensure that your garden is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Re-purposed Furniture

In relation to the previous point, 2020 is set to be a big year for the recycling, renewing and re-purposing of old and used furniture. Why not take that old table simply gathering dust in a storage room, and change it into something else? Re-purposing furniture can be as easy as a new lick of paint, or as intricate as a complete dismantle and using the materials to craft something entirely fresh and new. This can make your whole garden feel funky and new, giving it the breath of life that it needs.

Growing your own food

While many consider this to be an aspect of sustainable gardening, growing your own food is worthy to be mentioned on its own. Growing your own food, whether it just be a row of carrots or an entire greenhouse and garden full of ripe, healthy fruit and veg, has many benefits. For one, it reduces your carbon footprint as you won't be supporting food flown in from other countries; for another, it could save you precious pennies by reusing the seeds that your fruit and veg drop when grown. Win-win, right? The focus on repairing the planet that 2020 is sure to bring means that growing your own veggies is a worthwhile investment with a good cause.

Aesthetics turn vertical

Previously, gardening has likely been kept on the ground. However, 2020 looks set to introduce a new form into your gardens: vertical plants! This next year, try hanging plants on your fence or above a window; if not this, what about building a planter wall? This is an excellent way to spruce up an otherwise empty stretch of space in your garden.

Outdoor Stove

As the start of 2020 is set to be bitterly, bitterly cold, one of the first gardening trends to hit the beginning of the new decade is something that will keep you warm: outdoor garden stoves. Installing a stove in your garden - front or back - is simple, quick, and easy, and provides you with a multitude of benefits. Such benefits include the ability to keep warm, and the ability to cook food, if the outdoor stove you choose is an oven or grill. As well as this, there are other options such as a barbecue or fireplace, giving you endless possibilities to make your garden stylish as well as useful. There are many eco-friendly stoves 2020 promises to gift you - why not check out our range of outdoor stoves to quench your desires?

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  • Chris Murphy