How do I choose the right heat output for my wood burning stove?

How do I choose the right heat output for my wood burning stove?

When deciding on the perfect new stove to add to your home, a factor often worth taking into consideration is the amount of heat you would like your brand new stove to provide. The heat output of any stove will most likely be featured somewhere within the name or description of the stove, and will be a figure measured in kiloWatts (kW).

When deciding on a stove to invest in, the heat output is a highly important factor for a number of reasons. If the heat output of your stove is too big and your stove is producing too much heat, your whole room could overheat. However should your stove produce too little heat, your room may not feel warm enough and there is also a possibility that you will go through a large amount of fuel whilst your stove is not actually burning to its maximum efficiency.

In order to gain a general idea of the heat output necessary for your space, we would recommend that for small to medium sized living spaces, your stove should be no more than 5kW in heat output.

If you are looking to warm up a medium to large sized living space, anywhere between 5kW and 8kW is likely to supply the right amount of heat for your room.

Finally, if you are wanting to heat your entire home, or are perhaps looking for a stove that is going to contribute towards your boiler and central heating power, we would recommend investing in a stove of 8kW and above.

Instead, if you wish to get an exact measure of the heat output that would be required to heat your space, we have a calculation for you! Simply, multiply the length, width and height of your room (each in metres) and divide this total figure by 14. As this should supply you with a figure for the exact heat output (in kW) that would be required to perfectly heat up your room, you will automatically have refined your search when browsing for a new, cosy addition to your home!

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