How To Choose The Perfect Stove For Your Home

How To Choose The Perfect Stove For Your Home

Are you searching for a new stove but aren’t sure how to choose from our wide range and need some stove advice? Look no further! We can help find the right stove for you.


What type of stove should I choose?

We at Stove Supermarket are keen to ensure you are spoilt for choice, and as a result we stock a wide range of stoves which consists of multi-fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, gas stoves, electric stoves, and Defra approved smoke-controlled stoves.

If you are keen on a wood burning stove but are concerned about limiting yourself, you may want to opt for one of our multi fuel stoves. Whilst wood burning stoves can only burn wood, our multi fuel stoves can burn wood as well as various other fuel types such as smokeless fuel and coal.

If you are searching for a stove but aren’t ready to devote yourself to a wood burner yet, we suggest opting for a gas stove. Some consider gas stoves to be the easier option, especially since many of our models come with a remote control. We understand that not everyone has the space needed to store quality seasoned wood, and for this reason, we suggest gas stoves as the perfect alternative.

Our electric stoves may be suitable if you’re looking for something that is adaptable to your needs without compromising on visual style. Some of our electric stoves come with four different flame settings, can be set to an automatic timer and feature a realistic 3D holographic flame projection, to ensure you feel as cosy as possible!

Still wondering if a Cast Iron or Steel stove would be best? We say either! Cast Iron has always been the most traditional production method, but Steel is just as brilliant and has begun being used in accordance with the technological developments in the manufacturing processes.


What is the most cost-effective stove?

We understand that cost is an important factor in your decision. We can report that it has been said that if you are wanting to save on fuel bills, you may want to opt for a wood burning stove. The ever-rising price of natural gas is the main culprit behind this cost difference. However, gas and electric stoves also offer great savings.


What size stove should I choose?

When choosing a stove, you must take into account the size of the room in which it will be installed. In order to find out what size stove is the best for you, we recommend using this equation: (Room length in meters x Room width in meters x Room height in meters and then divide by 14).


What stove is best if I want to be eco-friendly?

We understand that with rising concerns about climate change, customers are keen to use products which have the smallest possible impact on the environment. The stoves which are marked as Defra approved have been inspected alongside the current guidelines for the cleanest ways to burn fuel. By 2022 new requirements on emissions will be put in place by the Stove Industry Alliance and we hope that these will aid our mission to promote the most eco-friendly practices.

To find your perfect stove, click here or call us on 01226 816 051.

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