Introducing Stove Innovations' Hollington 20B and 12B Boiler Stoves

Introducing Stove Innovations' Hollington 20B and 12B Boiler Stoves

In the realm of cosy homes and efficient heating solutions, the Hollington series stands out as a testament to modern innovation. Designed for both aesthetic appeal and functionality, the Hollington 20B and 12B Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Boiler Stoves have been making waves in the heating industry. Let's delve into The Hollington stoves series available at Stove Supermarket.

Hollington 20B Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Boiler Stove

Boasting a robust yet sleek design, the Hollington 20B captures attention with its larger-than-life heating capabilities. This stove is not just a visually appealing addition to your home; it's a powerhouse designed to efficiently heat larger spaces while providing a charming focal point.

Key Features:

Heating Capacity: The Hollington 20B is engineered to provide substantial heat output, making it an ideal choice for larger rooms or open-plan living areas. Its impressive heat output capacity ensures a warm and comfortable ambiance even in spacious environments.

Boiler Capability: One of the standout features of the 20B model is the size of its built-in boiler, allowing it to not only heat the room but also provide hot water to your household. This dual functionality makes it an incredibly efficient choice for those looking to reduce their energy costs.

Multi Fuel / Wood Burning: Versatility is key, and this stove allows you to choose between using multi fuel or wood as your heat source, offering flexibility based on your preference or availability of fuel.

Eco-Friendly: Stove Innovations prioritises eco-friendliness, and the Hollington 20B is designed to meet modern environmental standards, ensuring lower emissions and higher efficiency.

Hollington 12B Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Boiler Stove

Compact yet powerful, the Hollington 12B embodies efficiency in a smaller package. It's a perfect fit for medium-sized rooms or areas where space might be limited, without compromising on heating performance.

Key Features:

Space-Saving Design: The Hollington 12B is tailored for spaces where a smaller footprint is preferred. Despite its compact size, it delivers impressive heat output, keeping your room comfortably warm.

Boiler Functionality: Similar to its larger counterpart, the 12B also features a built-in boiler, providing hot water in addition to room heating, enhancing its practicality and energy-saving potential.

Multi Fuel / Wood Burning: Just like the 20B, this model offers the flexibility to use either multi fuel or wood, giving users the freedom to choose the most convenient option.

Efficient and Clean Burning: Stove Innovations ensures that the 12B adheres to high-efficiency standards, ensuring clean burning and reduced emissions.

Why Choose Stove Innovations' Hollington Series from Stove Supermarket?

Stove Supermarket is your one-stop destination for top-quality stoves, and the Stove Innovations' Hollington series is a prime example of superior craftsmanship and functionality. Stove Innovations is known for its commitment to quality and reliability. The Hollington series reflects this dedication through its durable construction and high-performance capabilities.

Both the 20B and 12B models are designed with energy efficiency in mind, allowing homeowners to enjoy warmth without compromising on environmental concerns or energy bills. With the flexibility to use either multi fuel or wood, these stoves cater to diverse user preferences and fuel availability, ensuring convenience and ease of use. The incorporation of a built-in boiler in both models adds practical value, providing hot water in addition to heating, making these stoves a practical investment for any home.

Whether you seek a heating solution for a spacious area or a compact yet powerful stove for a smaller room, these models cater to diverse needs, providing warmth, efficiency, and elegance.

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