Looking for an Alternative to Wood Burning Stoves - Why not try Gas or Electric?

Looking for an Alternative to Wood Burning Stoves - Why not try Gas or Electric?

Wood burning stoves have been around for hundreds of years and are the traditional way to heat up your house. Their nostalgic style adds to the charm of any room, creating a warm and ambient feel. They construct an inviting, rustic feeling and their benefits are the reason they have been around for so long, but as people become more aware of the alternatives to wood burners they are frequently turning to electric or gas alternatives.


It is very hard to beat a traditional wood burning stove. They have been popular for a long time, and don’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon with over 170,000 new stoves being installed every year. But there are other great alternatives which perform the same function but might suit your needs better.


If you’re looking to buy a stove, but want to avoid burning wood, there are other options which could be more suitable than a wood burning stove. The two main alternatives are gas or electric stoves. Both are suited to different needs and room sizes; this blog will help you decide if it’s worth the switch!




The classic wood burning stove is the most popular type of stove to heat up people’s house. This traditional way of keeping warm is an attractive prospect for a lot of people, which is the reason why they are so popular. There are also numerous benefits to using wood as a fuel source, which are explained below.




Wood burning stoves can be fitted anywhere, as long as the ventilation pipe connected to them can run outside. This makes them very flexible to install and can be used in pretty much any room.




The heating efficiency when using wood as a fuel source is excellent, there is little heat lost through this method. This makes them great for quickly heating up a room, great for winter nights!




Wood is a renewable energy source as trees can regrow. This makes this method a lot more eco-friendly than alternative methods that use fossil fuels. Even though there is some pollution from this process, overall it is not that bad for the environment.




Wood can be extremely cheap if you have it available nearby to you. You can even have your own supply if you have trees in your garden that you don’t mind chopping down. Once you have a wood burning stove set up and installed, it could be cheaper than central heating in your home.


No Electricity:


Wood burning stoves can be used in a power cut as they do not require electricity, this would make them a good method of staying warm if the power went out in your house.


However, there are a few possible downsides to wood burning stoves. You’ll be looking to spend in the thousands to buy and install the stove, this is way too expensive for a lot of people and can put them off investing in one. For people with less disposable income, other cheaper alternatives would be more suitable. Also, wood burning stoves are known to cause air pollution, and with over a million homes having them installed in the UK, this is not good for the environment.





Like the name explains, this uses gas as a fuel source. They are easy to use, and the heat can be changed with a button, giving you control over the temperature. They also have a flame-effect meaning they look similar to the real thing. Gas burning stoves are a great alternative to wood burning ones, they provide great heat, and look very similar to the real thing.


Gas stoves are very similar to wood ones in a lot of ways, and they have many advantages which should show you why switching to gas could be the right option for you.


Instant Heat:

As soon as you turn on your gas stove, it will emit heat, instantly heating up your room. The heat is also constant, unlike wood burning stoves, where it takes time to get to the right temperature, and then it is hard to maintain as you have to keep adding wood.


Energy Saving:

Using gas to heat your house can be extremely cheap and save you a lot of money. If you do not have easy access to wood, and want a cheap alternative, a gas stove could be the answer for you.



Gas does not produce any harmful fumes or particles, making it safer than wood burning stoves. Although the fumes from a wood stove are all transported out via the ventilation pipe, there is still a risk. For families with children, a gas stove might be a better option because they are extremely safe.



Unlike wood burning stoves, gas ones do not build up dirt and smoke, which needs to be cleaned yearly. This can be expensive as you would have to hire someone to come and clean the whole system.




Tiger Log Effect Gas Stove

This stove is one of our bestsellers, its cast iron build and realistic log effect make it seem like a wood burning stove, whilst giving you instant and controllable heat at the push of a button. Its 5Kw heat output makes it perfect for medium-sized rooms, and with 92% of reviews rating it 5 stars, this is definitely a great choice.





Firefox 8 Gas Stove

Another one of our bestsellers, this gas stove also emits 5Kw of heat and is ideal for medium-sized rooms. It’s rustic, traditional look will add to the aesthetic of any room, creating a great centrepiece. With over 350 5-star reviews, this gas stove will definitely not disappoint.







Electric stoves are another great alternative to wood burning ones. They provide great heat output without the high maintenance and need for chopping wood. They normally come with a realistic coal or log effect, meaning they look very similar to the real thing.


Electric stoves are completely different to wood burning ones, they emit heat in a different way and look quite different. Some advantages of electric heaters are:


Easy Installation:

Electric stoves are very easy to install, usually it just involves plugging them in. This saves a lot of money, as wood burning stoves can cost in the thousands to install if you do not already have the system in place.



Electric stoves are extremely efficient, 100% of the heat they produce is used as there are no pipes for it to escape through. This means no energy is wasted when it is turned on. Also, it instantly produces heat and doesn’t require time to get to the right temperature, meaning your room will get warm quickly.


No Emissions:

As this method doesn’t produce any fumes or smoke, it doesn’t release any emissions into the atmosphere, meaning it is very eco-friendly.




ACR NEO 3F Electric Stove

This ACR stove is an electric alternative to the Neo 2 Multi fuel / Wood burning model, but its 3D holographic flame projection gives it a realistic look, meaning you get all of the pleasures of a wood burning stove, without all the work of maintaining one! Its 2Kw heat output make it perfect for heating up a small sized room really quickly.



ACR Malvern Electric Stove

The ACR Malvern Electric Stove is a great electric stove if you are on a budget. Priced at only £695 incl. VAT, it emits 2Kw of heat output meaning it can get your room up to temperature quickly. This stove has a programmable control which allows you to set the stove to turn on at different times, keeping your home warm throughout the day.







Gas stoves are great if you’re looking for a very similar alternative to a wood burning one. Gas stoves provide constant and immediate heat, so if you are more concerned with keeping your room warm and not aesthetics, then a gas stove is perfect for you. Unlike wood burning stoves, gas stoves don’t emit particles which are dangerous when breathed in, meaning this is a great option if you have children. As a whole, gas stoves are also cheaper than wood burning ones because it is cheaper to use gas as a fuel than to buy logs of wood.




If you are looking for an easy to install stove, then you should consider going electric. Installing them is as easy as plugging it in, saving you a lot of money on installation costs. These are also great for people living in small or urban areas, there is no need for a chimney so a person living in an apartment can use one. And as there is no need for wood to use as fuel, you don’t have to worry about where you are going to store your logs. Overall, this is a great alternative to wood burning stoves, but if you have a large room to heat, electric stoves are not the right option as their heat output is not as strong. Also, this method is eco-friendlier because it doesn’t give off any emissions that go into the environment.

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