Sailing safely and in style! All you need to know about installing a boat stove

Sailing safely and in style! All you need to know about installing a boat stove

Whether your beloved craft is your floating home or a weekend escape on the water, it is important that you have a reliable source of heat on your boat as we move into the colder months. To add to your comfort and enjoyment, it's easy to fit a safe new or replacement stove in a barge, narrowboat, or yacht, as long as you consider these important steps!


Best boat stove

Firstly, it’s important that you have done your research on buying and installing the correct stove for your vessel… sourcing a stove that’s aesthetically pleasing – with the right dimensions to slot well into your cabin – may not tick all the right boxes for safety. At Stove Supermarket, we are here to provide insightful advice on how best to approach the task of finding your perfect stove.

There are several stove models available that are already perfect choices for installing into boats – why not have a look at the Salamander Hobbit stove? With a heat output of 4kW, this little stove is ideal for small spaces such as boats!

We would always suggest that before you make your choice of stove from a suitable range, check any insurance requirements on the type and size of the in-boat heating system you use.


Fitting boat stoves

The next important step in the process of finding and installing a boat stove, is ensuring that you have it fitted correctly. Even after buying the ideal boat stove, you could create serious safety risks if you don’t have it installed correctly. This includes securing your stove in place effectively, ready for all sailing or canal travel. Make sure you leave ample clearance and don’t site this installation too close to stored wood or other combustible materials, or your fire/smoke alarms, for instance.

Also, make sure you install the correct hearth and corrosion-resistant flue for your boat stove. An old flue (often a simple steel tube) may be out of date and highly unsafe. Look for stove and flue options that include robust and well-designed external features too, such as roof collars and brackets, to ensure the best fit outside your boat. 

These installation criteria are not something you should skimp on, as even modern, highly efficient stoves can be a health risk if used incorrectly in poorly vented spaces. Also, proper fitting prevents damage to your stove or boat!


Fuel efficiency considerations

Proper installation will also optimise the heat output of a stove you fit in a boat cabin, especially if you find a location that successfully diffuses warm air properly to where occupants are likely to sit and sleep. For example, on narrowboats, a centrally located stove can often create the perfect heat transmission. 

Fortunately, Stove Supermarket purchases come with clear instructions on proper siting and installation for both fuel efficiency and safety. Refer to these manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain and care for boat stoves too, to keep your purchase operating properly.


Checking safety for boat stoves

Clearly, if you were wondering, ‘Is it possible to fit a wood-burning stove in a boat?', then the answer is yes. This includes specially designed, compact multi-fuel burners, however, it makes sense to consult the manufacturer of your craft, or a professional boat installer, to double-check which is the best type of stove to buy and install in your particular model.

We are always here to advise you on the most suitable stove for your space, so if you’re in need of a little help, get in touch! Drop us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051.

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