Top Tips On How To Clean And Maintain Your Outdoor Oven!

Top Tips On How To Clean And Maintain Your Outdoor Oven!

Cleaning any oven can be tricky, but it can be even more challenging if you're cleaning modern outdoor cooking equipment. Garden ovens come in all shapes and sizes these days and are increasingly popular, including both wood-fired ovens and ones that use gas to create delicious pizzas and other outdoor food.


Keeping your ‘pride and joy’ in top condition is not just about aesthetics or even hygiene. Having invested in a pizza oven or some other equipment to bake and cook outdoors, keeping it working brilliantly is vital.


To help you make the most from your purchase for years to come, here are our top tips on how to clean and maintain your outdoor oven!


After it’s been used

The first tip is not to panic and immediately start cleaning your garden oven straight after your family gathering or party with friends! Make sure it’s properly cooled down before attempting to clean it or you could cause yourself an injury! Our outdoor ovens are built from quality materials and are designed to last. There is nothing you can spill on them during a normal 'cook-out' that can’t be removed cold!


Use the right tools and cleaning agents

It’s never useful to use harsh chemicals on any part of a beautifully made outdoor oven. Wipe as much off as you can with a damp, soft cloth - then spray any sticky or crusted materials with suitable cleaning fluid for stainless steel (some people use white vinegar diluted with clean water). Leave that to soak for a few minutes before giving the oven liner a further wipe with a clean cloth. If anything is stubborn, a soft washing-up brush can be used in a gentle circular motion.


Self-cleaning pizza oven

Some outdoor ovens, particularly ones designed to make pizzas, operate at such a high temperature that food residue burns away naturally, providing you with a low maintenance way to cook outside. Also, pizza oven converters and other accessories for cooking outdoors will generally contain washing instructions. Sticking everything in a dishwasher without checking these instructions can prove to be unwise – so make sure to check everything!


Maintenance matters

As previously mentioned, regularly cleaning and checking your outdoor oven is linked to its performance – and therefore the taste of your food. As the presence of even small pieces of ash can taint food, it’s important not to let it build up in a wood-burning oven. Also, regularly check for debris that falls anywhere in the mechanisms or flue of gas or wood ovens, and don’t forget to check along the seams of your outdoor oven. This can mean buying a small bellows-type device to ‘puff’ air across and remove any small pieces of debris.


Make sure creosote (the tarry substance from burnt wood) doesn’t pool and settle too, by using the cleaning tips above.


Final tips on how to clean and maintain your outdoor oven

 Lastly, maintaining your outdoor oven is definitely helped by putting it away after use and covering it well during bad weather, as well as following any special instructions that come with your stunning new garden cooking equipment.


Browse our range today to find an outdoor oven that will transform your outdoor space – or get in touch! Send us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051 and we’ll be happy to help!

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