5 Interior Design Tips To Keep Your Home Looking Fresh

5 Interior Design Tips To Keep Your Home Looking Fresh
Autumn is here, the days are drawing in, the clocks are about to turn back and it's starting to feel chilly. Winter is on its way. This is the perfect time to decorate your house, and to hunker down and stay cosy and warm with your loved ones. Here are 5 interior design tips to keep your home looking fresh throughout the winter months.

1. Blankets

Adding lots of thick blankets and throws to a room makes it look instantly inviting. Drape colourful blankets over sofas and chairs and wrap yourself up in cuddly, soft materials to keep you warm and cosy next to the fire in the winter months. Blankets can help you create a safe refuge inside your home whilst the temperature drops outside.

2. Lighting

Everybody knows good lighting can help set the mood and ambience for any room, and brightness can add warmth. An easy way to create this effect is to change your light bulbs for warmer coloured ones. Why not invest in lots of different table lamps to give a warm glow? Scented candles can also bring a sense of the seasons into your home, and light cinnamon, pine and apple scents invoke the spirit of autumn. Alternatively, adding fairy lights around a fireplace is also a quick and easy way to make a room look magical.

3. Overlapping rugs

Whether you have a warm carpet or wooden floor, adding overlapping rugs can add a nice homely feel to any room. Overlapping one or two rugs is set to be a big trend this year, so don't be afraid to have more than one rug in a room. Try mixing colours and different prints too, it may just work!


4. Cushions

A winter living room needs to be as comfortable as possible, so invest in lots of different scatter cushions to brighten up your surroundings. Try mixing and matching fabrics for variety. For example, add faux fur for some elegance or different patterns to add a homely feel. Scatter cushions can also instantly make your sofa and living room look more appealing.


5. Add a stove to your living room

Take your pick from electrical, gas or wood-burning versions. A stove helps to add a central focal point to any room, and as well as keeping everyone warm it also makes you feel cosy and relaxed.

Make sure you arrange your furniture around it. There are many different design ideas to choose from, including traditional or more contemporary versions. We like the ACR Ashdale Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove. Imagine curling up under a blanket and reading your favourite book next to this stunning stove.

To find your perfect stove, click here or call us on 01226 816 051.

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