Sustainability Swaps - How Can You Help Our Planet In Your Home?

Sustainability Swaps - How Can You Help Our Planet In Your Home?

Scientists are united behind a common truth: if we don’t change the way we operate, our planet is going to suffer. When you watch the climate strikes or see impassioned activists making speeches on the TV, it can be hard to figure out how you can help make a difference. Luckily, the fight to combat climate change can start right in our homes. In both little and big ways, you can make changes in your home to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly way of living. We’ve compiled a list of eco-friendly life hacks and sustainability swaps that won’t break the bank but will help make a difference to our environment, reduce emissions and reduce carbon footprint.

Update your weekly shop

It’s only recently that people have started to understand just how much plastic is being used and wasted in the world and how much damage it’s causing to our environment. In the UK alone, households are throwing away 40kg of plastic a year which could otherwise be recycled. Though supermarkets and shops are now moving away from plastic dominant packaging, there are swaps you can make too. Invest in some reusable shopping bags - they’ll last much longer and are often much more durable than the traditional plastic ones.

Keep hydrated

A great zero-waste swap you can make is by not buying bottled water and instead purchasing a reusable water bottle. In the UK, we drink tonnes of bottled water every single year, despite the drink being plentiful from our taps at home. Plastic bottles also release chemicals into the water when exposed to the elements, so a reusable option is safer for you and your family. Plus, the bottles often come in a variety of colours, designs and patterns so you can show off your personality no matter what you’re drinking from it.

Heating Your Home

As we enter the colder months, you might be tempted to be constantly turning the heat up in your home or even keep it running all day. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to the environment – but there are ways to combat this. Start with the foundations of the house. Consider replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones and check your home's insulation around the floors, doors and walls to see if they’re letting heat out. Alternatively, you can download apps that let you control the temperature of your home from your smartphone.

Electric stoves

Here at Stove Supermarket we specialise in finding the perfect stove for you. If you’re conscious of your carbon footprint and want to know how you can make your home more sustainable, an electric stove is a great addition. If you live in a home that isn’t very energy efficient, consider investing in a new stove. For those wanting something that can help heat their entire house , you might prefer to install a wood burner for your home rather than constantly turning up the central heating, which can increase your carbon footprint.

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