5 Reasons You Should Buy A Gas Stove

5 Reasons You Should Buy A Gas Stove

Gas stoves are becoming increasingly popular. At Stove Supermarket we sell a wide variety of gas stoves of all sizes and budgets, here are 5 benefits of why a gas stove might be right for you.


Instant heat

As soon as you turn on your gas stove, it will emit heat, instantly heating up your room. The heat is also constant, unlike wood burning stoves, where it takes time to get to the right temperature, and then it is hard to maintain as you have to keep adding wood.


Energy saving

Using gas to heat your house can be extremely cheap and save you a lot of money. If you do not have easy access to wood, and want a cheap alternative, a gas stove could be the answer for you.



When burnt, gas does not produce any harmful fumes or particles, making it safer than wood burning stoves. Although the fumes from a wood stove are all transported out via the ventilation pipe, there is still a risk. For families with children, a gas stove might be a better option because they are extremely safe.



Unlike wood burning stoves, gas ones do not build up dirt and smoke, which needs to be cleaned yearly. This can be expensive as you would have to hire someone to come and clean the whole system.


Ease of use

With a gas stove, you are able to adjust the heat with the push of a button. This allows you quickly increase or decrease the temperature.


Those are our top 5 reasons you should buy a gas stove.  If you have any questions on gas stoves or need help choosing one, contact us today at sales@stovesupermarket.com.

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  • Chris Murphy