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How a pizza oven can change your summer barbecue experience

How a pizza oven can change your summer barbecue experience

Sausages, burgers, baps - they are all staples of the English summer barbecue, but how many of these seasonal gatherings turn out to be, well... just the same as any other barbecue? Many of the barbecues that we really remember have a special twist, such as a dish or drink we weren't expecting. So how about pizza...?

Wood and gas-fired pizza ovens are fast becoming a summer barbecue essential. If you've been Googling 'why I should buy a pizza oven', read on to discover some of the top pizza oven benefits.

Built for the outdoors

There is now a range of wood and gas-fired pizza ovens that is specifically intended for outdoor use. They are designed to stand up to weather conditions throughout the year, and when the time is right for an outdoor get-together, fire them up and get your 'barbecue with a difference' going! Check out the units we have available - they are flexible when it comes to fuel, accepting charcoal, burn wood, gas or pellets.

The choice is yours

How would you like your steak done? It can be a common question at any English summer barbecue, but we are hearing more of "what would you like on your pizza?". While we all like our fill of red meat, there is now the chance to supplement your steaks, burgers and sausages with pizza; a nailed on kids favourite! You might be surprised at the relatively low cost of stocking up on toppings such as tomato puree, cheese, pepperoni and onions. And thanks to the latest pizza oven technology, each pizza can be ready in just 60 seconds, giving pizza at a barbecue a compelling practical benefit.

So versatile

Your outdoor pizza oven seems bound to be a showstopper and talking point among your guests, but there is even more to show off, because these units are capable of cooking many other dishes. How about giving your steaks a perfect sear, sticking in a joint for a summer roast, or using your outdoor pizza oven to slow cook a stew ready for your guests? It is quickly becoming clear that these ovens can do far more than just cook pizza!

Perfectly portable

Is your friend putting on a barbecue? Why not take your outdoor pizza oven along and lend a hand with preparation? You might soon be given the nickname 'Dominos' among your circle, because these outdoor pizza ovens can allow you to set up your own 'pizza corner' just about anywhere, fitting snugly into the boot of a car. There is literally a world of possibilities with these easily transportable ovens.

Those are just a few reasons why an outdoor pizza oven from Stove Supermarket can really help to make your summer. You can rely on us for the best units, from the best brands, and not only that - we also have a full range of accessories for you, including covers, cutters, peels and pellets. Browse the Stove Supermarket outdoor range here.

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  • Chris Murphy