The best outdoor and BBQ cooking tools of 2020

The best outdoor and BBQ cooking tools of 2020

As summer approaches, there is no better time to upgrade your outdoor cooking accessories. Whether you are looking for bbq tools, or new grilling accessories to expand your cooking range, we’ve selected some of our very favourite accessories to upgrade your outdoor cooking experience.




Just when you thought your outdoor grill couldn’t get any better, Kamado Joe have upped their game. Designed to work with their Big Joe series of grills (another one of our firm favourites!) this is an innovative bbq cooking accessory that turns your grill into a spit, perfect for making your own rotisserie at home. The powerful motor can cope with up to 50 pounds of meat, ideal for chicken, ribs or much large cuts of beef or pork.

Made of cast aluminium, the JoeTisserie harnesses the high-fire ceramic body of the grill, to seal in flavour and make your meat as juicy and tender as you could possibly imagine. Easy to install, the constant rotation provides a perfectly even cook and preserves the natural juices to lock in flavour.



Bel Outdoor Lamp

Whether you are cooking a romantic meal or catering for a larger group, outdoor dining has always been about more than just the food. It is an experience. If you want to create a beautiful, ambient environment to allow your guests to truly enjoy every moment, look no further than the Morso Bel. The living flame provides soft, atmospheric lighting – perfect for a summer evening in your garden, on the patio or decking. Fuelled by bio-ethanol, the lamp is simple to use, but stunning to look at. And in case you were wondering about the unusual name, it was named for the Celtic fire god Bel, who is traditionally celebrated by lighting bonfires to signal the start of summer.




Morso Wood Chopping Axe

Of course, no outdoor cooking experience would be truly complete without the pursuit of chopping your own wood. Although wood is generally available pre-packaged, there is undeniably something so much more satisfying about getting hands-on, using an axe to cut down logs and larger pieces of wood ready for your barbeque or firepit. Perfect for outdoor living, chopping your own firewood is also going to prove a lot cheaper in the long run!

There are plenty of axes out there to choose from, so what makes the Morso so special? For starters, it is an incredibly high quality and well-crafted tool, made exclusively from the finest grade hickory wood from the USA. But more important than the handle is, of course, the axe head, and the Morso doesn’t disappoint. Forged using traditional techniques, the C45 carbon steel offers an exceptionally hard, durable chopping surface. This sturdy axe might well outlast a lot of your barbecue equipment, making it a solid investment for the future.

So, if you’re planning to make 2020 the year you really make the most of your barbecue, check out our entire range of incredible outdoor cooking accessories.

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