Bring ‘hygge’ to life with a touch of Scandinavian style!

Bring ‘hygge’ to life with a touch of Scandinavian style!

Originating in Denmark and with its roots in the ancient Norse language, 'hygge' is a term that translates as a way of living in cosy contentment. It embraces a snug home atmosphere surrounded by the people and things we love.

Hygge (pronounced 'hoo-ga') means different things to each who follow its warm ways. Once you understand what it is and how to enhance its meaning, you'll know when you experience hygge and how it is expressed in your own life.


Wood burning stoves and hygge

There's an elemental link between hygge and wood burning. No other means of heat produces quite the same atmosphere as the crackling, popping warmth of flaming logs - particularly on cold days and dark nights. We all need a little more hygge in our lives, and it's a simple concept to incorporate into our happy place - our homes.

A log burner or stove in the home brings some primeval meaning to us all. Gathering around flickering flames with others is ancient and instinctive. On a cold evening, warming our feet and relaxing in a comfy chair is a salubrious, homely pleasure.

Even the act of cooking baked potatoes with a wood burner (it can be done - but with care) enhances hygge. It's an entirely different experience to cooking with gas or electricity. Sometimes the wood will be nicely hot enough to cook. Other times, it will require patience, but it will always be slow, almost as if you need to be in tune with the wood-burning stove itself.

The Morsø range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves we stock here at Stove Supermarket have become somewhat synonymous with hygge. Founded in the 1860s on a small island in the far north of Denmark, Morsø's origins encapsulate hygge. In bringing deep-rooted craftsmanship into modern-day comfort, a Morsø stove will become part of your daily life and your moments of wellbeing.


How to bring hygge into your life and home

Hygge is all about bringing simple things into your daily routines that enhance innate pleasures, satisfaction, conviviality, and happiness – or perhaps eliminating those things that don’t bring you such comfort!

Think of hygge as illuminating the soul; enjoying the good things in your life with good people. Here are a few ways to be hyggelig:


  • Embracing nature and bringing the outside in by using natural materials around the home. Having calming green plants that also clean the air while adding bursts of colour with flowers.


  • Enjoying the moment. Slowing things down as the world beyond the closed curtains carries on oblivious. Be it listening to a favourite piece of music, curling up with a good book, or bingeing on a boxset.


  • Using lighting to soothe the atmosphere rather than shining a light on life. The flickering of flames is inextricably linked to enhancing a hygge mood – and a stove is a perfect way of bringing a warm, calming glow into your living space.


  • Savouring food and drink. Enjoy warming drinks like hot chocolate or mulled wine (as we edge closer to Christmas!) that can't be gulped down but should be sipped to relish – those perfect fireside treats!


  • Perhaps most important of all - enjoying friends and family time. Use your stove to act as the glowing centrepiece for social time… be it a games night, a family meal or just simply chewing the fat over the events of the day.


Shop our range of stoves to start bringing hygge to life in your home today – or let us help you through your options! Drop us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051.

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