Why Your Kitchen Is The Perfect Place To Install Your Stove

Why Your Kitchen Is The Perfect Place To Install Your Stove

If you are thinking of having a new stove fitted in your home, you need to consider where it will go… whilst the living room is often the first choice for many, you don’t have to be limited to it!

A wood burner will make any room warm and cosy, so installing one in your living room is ideal when you spend the most time in there. However, many people prefer to use the kitchen as the main social room in their home – and if this is you, perhaps the kitchen is actually the perfect place to install your new stove!

Heating the heart of your home

The kitchen often plays a very important role in the home. It is the place where meals are made and often eaten, and it is also a focal point for socialising; whether you're hosting dinner parties, having friends over for drinks or just hanging out with your family. For people who spend more time in their kitchens than their living rooms, this is exactly the place where your wood burner should be installed.

Imagine sitting around the dining table on a cold winter's evening, enjoying a home-cooked meal while the stove emits a comforting heat. Or, you could be pouring drinks and chatting with friends while basking in its warming glow. The stove can add an elegant touch to your kitchen and can become a real conversation piece while providing practical heat in a space that can often be cold and draughty.

The inclusion of a stove in your kitchen will instantly boost its aesthetic appeal, and you can find designs that suit any style; both contemporary and traditional. We have so many choices for you to consider, from traditional cast iron wood burners to wall mounted inset fires. Create that kitchen of your dreams and spend many happy hours in its warmth with our impressive collection of stoves.

Things to consider during a kitchen stove installation

When you're having a stove fitted, an existing and functional fireplace is a bonus. Often, properties with larger kitchens, and especially rural cottages and country homes, have a fireplace built into the kitchen already. Don't worry if you don't have a fireplace though, as we can help you find a stove, flue and ventilation system that fits into the space you have.

Kitchens are filled with appliances already, and these must be considered when deciding where to locate your stove or wood burner. The oven and its extractor fan should be some distance from the new stove to prevent drawing air between each other, and electrical appliances, such as heaters or washers, should be away from the new heat source as well. The installer will take you through all considerations and make sure your stove is in the perfect spot for your kitchen layout.

Are you ready to get your kitchen stove ordered and installed? Have a browse at our range of stoves and then drop us an email at sales@stovesupermarket.co.uk or call us on 01226 816 051 and let us talk you through your options!

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