Designing your own outdoor kitchen ready to entertain this summer!

Designing your own outdoor kitchen ready to entertain this summer!

After months of lockdown restrictions have kept families and friends apart, the rules and regulations are finally loosening, and people are able to reunite. Even more importantly, summer is here at long last too, so it is the perfect time to enjoy entertaining outside in your garden. So, what better time to think about designing your own outdoor kitchen with all the trimmings! You can host the perfect party that will make those moments of reunion with your closest friends even more special!

So, how can you build your perfect outdoor kitchen?


Choose your appliances

There are several outdoor appliances that you can use outside to cook your food. A pizza oven is an excellent and innovative way to deliver delicious food to your friends and family. Homemade pizza is an easy and quick way to show off your outdoor cooking skills. Pizza ovens can reach up to 500 degrees, allowing your pizza to be cooked in a matter of a few seconds. Don't forget that a pizza oven also allows for delicious treats such as stone baked flatbreads and calzones too!


A traditional favourite is the BBQ, and for many people, there is nothing better than a char-grilled steak fresh off the grill as they bask in the sun. A smoker is also a great option for catering to your guests during your reunion party. However, if you really want to pull out all the stops and impress everyone, why not have a look into a combination BBQ and pizza oven in one! A multifunctional appliance will deliver exceptional versatility and will be sure to make your gathering a number one hit.


Plan your menus

Whether you prefer to indulge in a Mediterranean style feast of stone baked pizza, or enjoy burgers and sausages cooked on a premium BBQ grill, it's essential to plan ahead with your menu. It is also a fantastic idea to create some vegetarian and vegan options in order to cater to all your guests' tastes. Not only will you be able to really impress with some unique flavours, but it will make everyone feel cherished. When you are entertaining, how about also considering some children's favourites like mini pizzas or hot dogs to keep the little ones happy and satisfied all afternoon (you never know, these might keep the adults quiet too!).


Set up your furniture

The arrangement of your furniture will be very dependent on the size and shape of your garden. If you have a larger outdoor space, consider perhaps consider a larger dining table and a few bits of extra seating. For smaller gardens, try a few smaller pieces of furniture that enhance your space. For a more relaxed gathering, try lounge-style seating. This can work really well at an evening party where people may want to unwind after a long hot day in the sun as they enjoy the delicious treats you have prepared in your outdoor kitchen! Whatever your style and size of garden – it’s likely that we’ll have some outdoor furniture to suit you!


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