Why you need a flame powered hot tub this summer!

Why you need a flame powered hot tub this summer!

If you’ve been considering buying a hot tub for your garden, then there’s no better time to do it than this summer. 2021 is set to be the year of the garden. It's the first place we've been allowed to go when restrictions began to ease, and it's the ideal place for a long-awaited reunion. Gardens have been getting some serious love the last year too, with people having more time and money to make it their very own oasis. We want to talk about why you should add a flame powered hot tub to that oasis this year!


What’s the difference between a flame powered hot tub and a regular electric hot tub?

The water in a flame powered hot tub is heated via a wood-fired flame. When you’re finished, you just drain the water and clean out the ash ready to use it again! It’s a lot simpler, eco-friendlier and more cost-effective than an electric hot tub.


Now if that’s not a good enough reason to get yourself a flame powered hot tub this summer – here are nine more!


They’re perfect for entertaining

If you install a hot tub in your garden, you’ll be the talk of your friendship group. Garden parties and get-togethers will never be the same again! This year, gardens will be getting more love than ever with the uncertainty of travel; you’ll be able to bring the staycation to your very own garden.


They’re good for all seasons

There’s no season where hot tubs aren’t a good investment, whether you’re using them during the summer, having a soak in the winter (arguably one of the best times for a hot tub!) or any other time of year.


They take your garden to the next level

There’s something about a hot tub that just elevates a back garden; they’re the epitome of luxury. Our wood-fired hot tubs look aesthetically pleasing too, unlike electrical ones which can sometimes look like a bit of an eye-sore.


They’re eco-friendly

Wood fired hot tubs heat the water with a flame, so they don’t use any electricity - .nor do any chemicals need to be added to the water throughout use, making it a lot friendlier to the planet!


They’re cost-effective

No electricity means no huge energy bills, making this way more cost-effective than an electrical hot tub!


They’re super-fast to heat

With a flame-powered hot tub, all you’re waiting for is the flame to heat the water, and they have prime insulating qualities, which means not only do they have super quick heating times, but they’re also very economical to heat.


It’s like having your very own retreat, at home!

Once you’ve got a hot tub, there’s no need to head out to the spa to get your relaxation fix – just head to your garden! Chances are you’ve already transformed your garden into your own oasis, and even if you haven’t, this will surely improve it.


They help promote better health 

Taking a soak in a hot tub actually promotes better health, as it’s good for muscle relaxation and will aid you with deeper sleep. The temperature of the hot tub increases your body temperature and then the immediate cool-down period, once you’ve finished, makes you feel more relaxed, therefore aiding you with a better night’s sleep.


Last but not least, you deserve a treat! 

After the year we’ve all had, there’s no better time to treat yourself. You’ve made it through a stressful year, and if there’s ever a year to give yourself some extra rest and relaxation, this is it!


At Stove Supermarket, we’re the leaders in flame-powered products with 40 years of experience in the industry. We stock a range of wood-fired hot tubs of various sizes, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about purchasing a hot tub for your garden. Head to our website to browse our products, give us a call on 01226 816 051 or send an email to sales@stovesupermarket.co.uk.

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