Is there a chance that wood burners are going to be banned? We squash the confusion!

Is there a chance that wood burners are going to be banned? We squash the confusion!

There have been a lot of government updates regarding air pollution and the UK's desire to achieve net-zero by 2050. However, there are a lot of rumours and misconceptions flying around the internet right now about wood burners being banned under a new Clean Air Strategy. So, we thought we'd set out to give you the facts so you can understand exactly what is going on and how it affects you!

Are wood burners on the way out?

The good news is that no, wood burners are not on their way out – and in fact, the latest update on newly-sold stoves is that they’ll be better for the environment than ever previous!

These days, we are all attempting to take steps to be more environmentally conscious – most of our actions will have environmentally related consequences and the key is to ensure that we are trying our best to limit the negative consequences as much as we can. The stove world is no exception, as there are various legislations and environmental accreditations in place to help ensure that our stoves are as environmentally friendly as possible!

Defra's 2019 Clean Air Strategy clearly states that wood-burning stoves are permitted for use – however there is a requirement to limit emissions to an agreed level and therefore only wood burners that meet or exceed the requirements for emission levels are allowed in the market. From January 2022, a legislation has come in to place that ensures only stoves that are EcoDesign compliant can enter the UK Market, of which here at Stove Supermarket, we have lots of!

What about smoke control areas?

The current legislation on smoke control areas continues to be in place; you can only burn authorised fuels under the Clean Air Act: 1993 in designated smoke control areas. Otherwise, you will need to install an exempt appliance to burn unauthorised fuels in these areas.

If you do not live in a smoke control area, there are no restrictions on what fuel you can use. But if you have a fireplace or wood burner and live in an area without any regulations on burning fuel type, it is best practice to stick with lower-emitting fuels.

The future of wood burning in the UK

Ecodesign stoves

The legislation that came into effect in January 2022 states that all new stoves sold from this date must be Ecodesign ready. The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) Ecodesign ready initiative is awarded to wood-burning appliances that meet five fundamental regulations regarding efficiency and emissions of specific gases. These five measures are:

  • Seasonal efficiency
  • Nitrogen Oxide (NOx)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • PM (Particulate Matter)
  • OGC’s (Organic Gaseous Compounds)

Therefore, Ecodesign ready stoves are committed to improving stove design allowing for clean, more efficient and environmentally friendly stoves through lower emissions. With an Ecodesign ready stove, you'll be creating 90% fewer emissions than you would be burning on an open fire and 80% less than a 10-year-old stove.

If you have a stove already fitted that isn’t particularly Ecodesign ready – don’t panic! There’s no need to change the stove you already have, it is still perfectly fit for use, but if you’re thinking about trying to reduce your current stove emissions, there’s lots of things you can do! We’ve got a blog with all our tips and tricks, have a read!

To conclude, we have established that wood burners are not going to be banned, however, if you’re thinking about buying or selling a stove going forward it must be Ecodesign ready, helping you and everyone around you take every step possible to be closer to a greener future!

Take a look at our range of Ecodesign ready stoves, or should you have any queries – don’t hesitate to get in touch! Drop us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051!

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