The Best Small Stoves for your Garden Annex

The Best Small Stoves for your Garden Annex

As Summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to think about upgrading your garden annex. So, to keep you toasty through the cooler Summer nights, and keep your annex in use through Autumn, read on to discover the best small stoves for you.

These quality stoves will make sure you maximise the space in your annex, while still giving you the warmth and comfort a larger stove may provide. From the Hobbit to the Farringdon, these are all available at Stove supermarket, and we are able to offer you a fantastic range of options.

Charnwood Vlaze Pod and the Aire 3 Stove

Courtesy of Charnwood, this brilliant combination allows for a safe focal point for your annex, without taking up precious space. The Vlaze pod is a versatile steel enclosure that can be placed upon any flat surface available, you can also add an enamel lining for a wipe clean, aesthetically pleasing look. Pairing this with the Aire 3 stove gives you a fuel efficient, British made stove that stays cool-to-touch, to allow for safe and easy wood reloading. This pairing will give you a brand new, safe and stylish hub for your annex.

Stovax Vogue Small T Wood Burning Stove

is small but still provides a large portrait flame view. This stove is DEFRA Smoke Control Compliant, meaning that it can be used and appreciated in various settings. The Vogue is also extremely durable, due to its’ cast iron base bricks, meanwhile it can come with a midline base, for storage of logs underneath the stove.

Salamander Hobbit Eco SE Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

The Hobbit is both fuel- and space-efficient, with it being the smallest DEFRA approved stove on the market. The wide range of colours and choice of top or rear flue outlets allows you to have control of how and where the Hobbit fits into your annex. The Pre Heated Tertiary Air Intake, Enhanced Secondary Combustion and Airwash technologies mean that this stove throws out an enormous amount of heat, while staying clean.

Arada Farringdon Small Eco Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove

This efficient, DEFRA approved stove is perfect for small rooms, and comes with a range of colours, meaning it can seamlessly fit your theming and personality. You can use a range of fuels within the Farringdon, and it can kick out a brilliant 4.9Kw of heat. This is one of the most environmentally friendly stoves available to you today, with a 78.3% efficiency rating and is one of the best stove solutions for your garden annex.

Morsø Squirrel 1010 Wood Burning Stove

This stove from Morsø is a stylish offering, with 100mm legs and squirrel-adorned sides, making it an animal lover’s dream. The Squirrel has an impressive 4.9Kw output and 79% efficiency, with an airwash system to keep the large viewing window spotless for longer. If you need an efficient, DEFRA approved stove, with patterned sides and multiple air supplies, this stove could be the perfect addition to your garden annex.


Getting your garden annex for the Summer of 2024 has never been easier. With this excellent selection of small stoves, you can generate some fantastic heat without taking up too much space. From stove-pod combos, to efficient, environmentally friendly stoves, there are plenty of brilliant options available at Stove Supermarket.

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  • Ian Bright