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Benefits Of Choosing A Steel Stove

Benefits Of Choosing A Steel Stove
When considering a wood burning stove, many people ask the same question - should I choose cast iron or steel? Traditionally, wood burners have been made out of cast iron, but steel stoves have become increasingly popular in recent years - and for good reason! Let's take a look at what makes a steel stove such a great choice.

A steel log burner heats up quicker

Steel is a thinner and less dense material than cast iron, which means that it heats up and conducts heat much faster. Steel stoves are therefore capable of warming up a room far more quickly than cast iron stoves, which makes them a really convenient heating solution.

The  fast-heating nature of steel does mean that it doesn't hold its heat for as long as cast iron, which can be a downside if you're looking for a stove that will retain its warmth long after the fire has burned out. However, a stove built from high quality steel like those here at Stove Supermarket still does a very good job of retaining heat while heating up faster than cast iron.


Steel is less susceptible to cracks

A downside of cast iron is the potential for it to crack under intense heat, which could lead to dangerous carbon dioxide leaking out of the stove. Whilst, with steel, there is a chance of it warping under excessive heat – it does not pose a risk of cracking like steel does (however, it must be noted that the risk of either is incredibly low with good quality stoves like those here at Stove Supermarket).

Modern, minimal steel stove designs

Cast iron and steel stoves are manufactured differently and their subsequent designs are very different. Cast iron is made by pouring molten iron into moulds to create several sections which are then bolted together. This limits the design options available and results in a somewhat ornate and very traditional-looking stove. Steel stoves are made by welding steel panels together, which makes it possible to create clean, smooth lines and incredibly sleek, minimalist and modern designs – particularly effective if you’re looking for a stove to complement a chic, contemporary space.

However, there are plenty of steel wood burner stoves that have more traditional designs if you want the fast-heating benefits of steel and the classic styling of cast iron - with the Hunter Herald 14 being just one great example of a steel stove with a traditional and ornate design.

Check out our full range of steel stoves to find the perfect design for your home – or get in touch! Send us an email at sales@stovesupermarket.co.uk or give us a call on 01226 816 051 and we’ll be happy to help!

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