Double sided stoves: what do they bring to the table?

Double sided stoves: what do they bring to the table?
There are so many benefits that a wood burning stove can bring to your space, many of which we have discussed in blogs previously – so what makes a double-sided stove so desirable? As they become increasingly popular in modern, open plan living spaces, they have the ability to add that extra wow factor to your home that a standard wood burner doesn’t – and we can tell you why!

Better heat output in large spaces

A double sided log burner emits more heat than a single sided stove, which is ideal for very large spaces that are difficult to keep warm. If you're working with a big space or a room with very high ceilings, a double-sided stove is an excellent heating solution. Double sided wood burners are also an efficient way to heat two adjoining rooms that share a central chimney.


A stunning centrepiece for open plan living

Wood burners always make for a brilliant focal point, and double-sided wood burners are all the more impressive when placed in the middle of open-plan spaces where both sides of the stove can be accessed. Not only do they catch the eye, but these stoves can also give structure to an open plan property by defining a living or lounge area.

Wood burners have a way of creating a cosy, communal atmosphere, which is the perfect complement to open plan living. When the stove is lit on a chilly day or evening, you can guarantee family or guests will be drawn towards the warming, flickering flames.

Wow factor wall partitions

If you're looking for a double-sided stove to heat two adjoining rooms, consider a double-sided insert stove. These are installed directly into partition walls like windows and are a brilliant way to create visual contact between the two rooms while providing an impressive view of the beautiful flames.

Double sided insert stoves are incredibly modern and stylish, which makes them perfect for contemporary properties. They work particularly well installed in partition walls between dining and living spaces or kitchens and living spaces because they give a sense of open plan living without losing the cosy warmth of individual smaller rooms.

Contemporary and traditional styles

Double sided stoves are available in a range of styles to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes. The likes of the Hunter Herald 8 Wood Burner leans very much towards the traditional style and suits period properties or countryside cottages, whilst the Mendip Churchill 8 log burner is quite the opposite of tradition with its sleek, clean lines – making it perfect for ultramodern homes. For something that brings together old and new, why not consider the Ekol Clarity double sided stove – with its elegant yet industrial boxy style it combines both classic and contemporary effortlessly.

If you want to explore all of our options, check out our double sided stoves to find your perfect match or get in touch! Send us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051 and we’ll be happy to help!

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