Can I Burn Coal In My Wood Burning Stove?

Can I Burn Coal In My Wood Burning Stove?

Lots of people wonder whether or not they can burn coal in their wood-burning stove. The short answer? No. Burning coal in a wood-burning stove is not only dangerous but could do some serious damage to your stove too! Still not convinced? Keep reading on to find out why you shouldn’t burn coal in your wood-burning stove and if there are alternative stoves available that can burn wood and coal instead!


Why you shouldn’t burn coal in a wood-burner

Ideally, coal shouldn’t be burned in a wood-burning stove, after all, the hint is in the name – wood burner! However, your manufacturer's manual can provide you with a bit more information about exactly what you can and can’t burn in your own wood-burning stove.

Household coal and smokeless fuels can severely damage a wood-burner and potentially cause harm – therefore such should only be burned in a multifuel stove. The difference between these two types of stoves is the design; wood can be burnt on a flat floor that you would find in a wood burner, however other fuel such as coal needs to be burnt on a raised grate, the type of grate you would find in a multifuel stove. This grate is needed as coal requires air from above and below to combust, as well as a route for ash to be released over time – whereas wood can burn with only air from above needed. As well as this, multifuel stoves are designed to have somewhere for the higher ash content to collect from burning coal and smokeless fuel than burning just wood.


Can I burn coal in a multi-fuel stove?

If you’re looking to burn coal indoors, a multi fuel stove is definitely the way forward. However, it’s important to understand that you should try to avoid burning standard house coal indoors no matter the stove you have. House coal produces large quantities of smoke which can clog up and damage your chimney, as well as releasing tar and smoke particles that land on the stove glass, making it particularly difficult to clean! Instead, what we would suggest is burning smokeless fuel – it’s kinder to the environment, has lower carbon monoxide emissions and is more cost effective than ordinary coal, giving out a higher heat but potentially lasting for a longer period of time.


Burn at your own discretion

When it comes to owning a multi-fuel stove or a wood-burning stove, it’s always best to do your homework and make sure you’re burning the right stuff! Check your stove, read your manufacturer’s guide and make sure you’re good to go! If you’re thinking about a new stove - why not have a browse of our wood burning and multi fuel stove collections? Or, if you need any further advice about what to burn in your stove – drop us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051 and we’ll be happy to help! 

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