The best outdoor cooking accessories to enhance your al fresco dining experience

The best outdoor cooking accessories to enhance your al fresco dining experience
Alfresco dining has never been more popular and families across the UK have been embracing outdoor cooking this summer and beyond! Dining outdoors is a great way to get the family together, enjoy new dishes and make the most of your outdoor oven. If you are already sorted with your outdoor oven but need a helping hand with some cooking accessories that will make your experience that little bit easier (and maybe that little bit tastier!) – we can help!

Increase your outdoor cooking repertoire

If you're fed up with hot dogs and burgers, get creative in the outdoor kitchen with the Classic Joe - Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grate – designed for use with any Kamado Joe Classic, Classic II and Classic III. From juicy steaks to pork and vegetable skewers, this cast iron grate ensures the perfect meal with grate marks to seal in all that flavour!

If you lean more towards cooking ribs, then another fantastic Kamado Joe accessory to invest in is the Kamado Joe Rib Rack. This helps you get crispy, evenly cooked ribs with lifting handles to make your al fresco dining experience easy and safe. Treat your guests to beers from a cooler, nachos and dips as well as plenty of hot sauce for those who like fiery ribs!

The best outdoor cooking accessories for safety

No one wants any outdoor cooking injuries so it's important to have the correct safety equipment to keep you and your guests safe. Make sure you have our one size fits all heat resistant glove - designed especially for operating a stove safely and helps to avoid any unnecessary injuries!

When cooking, make sure you’re handling any of your BBQ food safely with the stylish and sleek Morso Fire Tongs which can be used for stoking the fire and ensuring even heating for anything you are planning to cook outside.

Create incredible stone baked pizzas at home

A make your own pizza night is a sure way to impress your friends and family. If you love outdoor cooking, it's easy to serve fresh, stone-baked pizza straight out of the oven. No takeaway or oven pizza ever compares to a fresh, stone-baked pizza and a high quality pizza stone is the best way to get the perfectly cooked pizza crust every time! Our 15" pizza stone is made from high-impact ceramic for even heat distribution in your pizza oven – outdoor cooking made easy!

Make sure you can get your delicious fresh pizza out of the oven with ease with the specially designed Ooni Pizza Peel. This all-purpose pizza peel is ideal for prep, turning and retrieving pizza and is compatible with the Ooni Pro and Ooni Koda 16 outdoor stove. Dress your space with classic gingham tablecloths, carafes of Italian wine and a fresh salad for everyone to enjoy. Make sure you have plenty of toppings, with veggie and vegan options, as well as some fresh herbs to throw on pizzas for an amazing flavour (Check out another of our blogs for tasty outdoor oven recipe ideas!)

If you want to explore all of our outdoor options, check out our outdoor accessories to find your perfect match or get in touch! Send us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051 and we’ll be happy to help!


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