Safety Tips For An Outdoor Fireplace

Safety Tips For An Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular in Britain as they help to create the perfect outdoor living space, bringing warmth to your garden at all hours of the evening.

Especially in the upcoming summer months, an outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to garden parties and BBQs, where everyone can sit comfortably around the fireplace without having to worry about getting cold.


To get the best use out of your outdoor fireplace, here are some outdoor stove safety tips to follow.

5 safety tips for an outdoor fireplace

1. Keep your fire small

Possibly the most important tip is to keep your fire small. As a big fire is much harder to control, you're always safer keeping a fire big enough to warm you and your guests up but small enough that you don’t need to keep tending to it throughout the night.

If flames begin to come outside of the chimney or the mouth, it is too big and needs to be extinguished.


2. Distance is key

When getting an outdoor fireplace added to your garden, it's important to think about the safest place to put it to ensure fireplace safety.

To make sure no accidents occur, place your fire at least 3 metres away from trees, fences, or any other flammable surfaces.


3. Keep children away from the fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can often remain hot for hours after lighting it, which is great for radiating heat to you and your friends but can also be deceiving once the fire has died down.

For example, the Stove Supermarket Jøtul Terrazza fireplace is perfect for family get-togethers as it is made from corten steel, but it will heat up fast, so it should be used with care.

Never stand or sit too close to the fireplace either as the actual flames will also be very hot, plus there may be embers, especially if it's windy. Always keep children away from the fireplace and make sure they are constantly supervised to avoid any accidents.

4. Check the weather

To ensure you're being extra careful when using your fireplace, check the local weather forecast to make sure it's a suitable evening to be lighting a fire.

Windy conditions can be especially dangerous as they can blow embers across your garden, so it may be best to switch the fireplace for blankets if this is the case.

5. Do not leave your fireplace unattended

When the party is over, make sure to extinguish your fire rather than leaving it unattended. A fire can always relight itself without you knowing, so your best option is to make sure your fire is fully out before heading back inside.

Spread the embers out and after waiting for them to cool down, pour water over them until the fire is extinguished.

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