How to style your fireplace

How to style your fireplace

A fireplace is something that many home buyers seek out when considering a new property, as a standout feature. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, you want to make sure that it fits in with your overall style and aesthetic.

But how can you enhance your fireplace style and ensure that it is both beautiful and functional? We take a closer look at how to style your fireplace and how a stove could be the best way to create the look you want.

Consider the style of your home

While fireplaces might be most associated with more traditional styles of homes, the truth is that a fireplace can suit a range of homes. If you have a more traditional style of home or want to create the feeling of a cosy cottage, then bringing out the original features of an existing fireplace can be a great choice. If you have a more traditional fireplace but want to make it look a little more modern, then painting it the same shade as your walls can create a more minimalist, monochrome look.

Think about the accessories

When it comes to a fireplace, many people choose to hang a mirror or picture above a traditional mantelpiece in order to draw the eye to the fireplace. Adding a sconce to either side of the fireplace can make it feel more vintage, while placing plants (real or artificial) here can create a fresher and more up-to-date look.

Decide on functionality

Of course, if you have a fireplace, one of the best ways you can style it is with a functional stove. Not everybody chooses to make their fireplace functional, but a stove can improve the look and feel of your fireplace, creating a natural centrepiece that doesn’t rely on a lot of added decoration - aside from a rustic fireside bucket ( for a warm and inviting feeling.

Traditional stoves can look right at home in a living room or kitchen space decorated in a vintage or country style, whereas for newer build homes, contemporary stoves can either fit in with an existing fireplace or be freestanding for a more modern and minimal aesthetic. These can be set into your walls for an even more up-to-date look if you decide a fireplace isn't perfect for your space.

How to style your fireplace with Stove Supermarket

With these tips and tricks, you should be able to create the beautiful fireplace you want, creating a centrepiece for your home. If you want to discover more options when it comes to the ideal stove for your fireplace, then Stove Supermarket can help.

We have a variety of multi-fuel and wood burning stoves that can suit a range of fireplaces and meet your high style standards, as well as any stove and fireplace accessories you need.

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