Why a boiler stove might be good for your home

Why a boiler stove might be good for your home

Boiler stoves are an eco-friendly, practical and flexible fuel option for many households and can be used for various different needs; from firing a whole central heating system to simply supplying domestic hot water – here’s why a boiler stove could be good for you!


A boiler stove can be used to lower your fuel-dependency and save money on your heating and hot water costs. Installation of a boiler stove reduces the gas and electricity you will consume and can even help you become fuel independent to reduce your carbon footprint. As well as this, a boiler stove is also a great looking addition to a home and can be used as a focal point in any room.


There are different types of boiler stoves and it pays to know what each type of boiler stove does and how best they can be utilised to suit your needs.


What is a boiler stove?

A boiler stove is an appliance that burns fuel to provide hot water. The hot water is then distributed into a heating system to keep your home warm and/or supply showers and taps.


What types of boiler stove are there?

There are a few types of boiler stove you might look to pick from, and the main types of boiler stove are:


A back boiler:


A stove back boiler simply refers to a boiler that is within the firebox itself. The term “back boiler” became commonplace when boilers were typically fitted at the rear of an open fireplace hearth. Today’s stove back boilers do not necessarily have the boiler at the “back”.


A “clip in” boiler:


A clip-in boiler is simply a metal box fitted to the stove. The boiler itself can be retrofitted to the stove, hence the term “clip-in”. Clip-in boilers are usually used to provide a little extra hot water to the home’s overall heating system.


A “wrap around” stove boiler:


A wrap-around boiler runs along the back of the stove and extends around the sides of the firebox (again hence the term). This addition extends the surface area of the boiler and so increases the amount of heat transferred to warm the water.


You can opt for a full central heating stove that can be used to run your whole central heating or hot water system, or you can use a smaller water-only back boiler or clip-on boiler for supplementing the hot water system.


What are the benefits of a stove boiler?

There are many benefits to thinking about installing a boiler stove. A few benefits to think about might be:

  • Boiler Stoves can connect to an existing central heating system where you already have radiators or underfloor heating.
  • When used for hot water, the existing hot water system will be connected to the stove boiler.
  • Hot water is kept in a storage system so it’s ready for supply as you need it.
  • A stove boiler can either burn wood or you can opt for a multi-fuel system to increase your energy options.
  • You control the costs of supplying fuel to the stove boiler system so you can minimise some of the fluctuations in prices for gas and electricity
  • As with any new heating system, a stove boiler should be considered as a long-term investment that will provide benefits and cost-savings for many years!


If you’re thinking about installing a boiler stove and want to chat through your options, get in touch! Contact us on 01226 816 051, have a look on our website here, or send us an email at sales@stovesupermarket.co.uk !

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