Why do I need a Twin Wall Flue?

Why do I need a Twin Wall Flue?

Are you considering buying a wood burning or multi-fuel stove for your home but you don’t have a chimney breast to direct smoke and emissions out of your home? Are you worried this might prevent you from buying a stove, or will mean that the installation process is costly and lengthy?

It may seem like the only option is to undergo complex renovations within your home to create a chimney breast, as many modern homes do not already have these in place, but this isn’t the case.

Twin Wall Flue systems are designed specifically for customers who are looking to install a wood burning or multi-fuel stove in their home but have restrictions like the above. A well-designed twin wall flue system would provide the same function as a chimney breast, but is more flexible and can be designed around your requirements.

But what exactly are they?

What is a Twin Wall Flue?

Twin wall flues are made up of individual pipes designed to create a flexible chimney style addition to your home, which can be adapted around your requirements. The pipes form a “clip together” chimney system that can be used to safely take gases and smoke from a wood burning stove out of the house and into the atmosphere.

The system is typically made from a metal tube (the flue) which is insulated with approximately an inch of insulation, which is required to keep gases hot while keeping the outer pipe cool so it doesn’t damage its surroundings. It is essentially a flue pipe within another flue pipe with a layer of insulating material between the two pieces.

The great benefit of this system means that it’s not just limited for those without chimney breasts. In fact, it is becoming quite common for those with chimneys to install a well-insulated flue pipe in their chimney to prevent residue build-up and other dangers that could lead to a chimney fire in your home. By giving the hot air and smoke a smaller space in which to travel, it leaves the chimney quicker with less soot and ash build up as a result.

What type of Twin Wall Flue do I need?

Here at Stove Supermarket, we supply the Thermo-Tec T600, which is manufactured using 0.5mm 316 grade stainless steel for the inner skin and a 0.5mm 304-grade stainless steel for the outer skin. The space in-between is then insulated with 25mm ceramic mineral.

One of the great advantages of this particular twin wall system is the number of varieties the parts come in. No matter what shape you need the Thermo-Tec range has straight lengths, elbows, wall adaptors and more, which all clip together easily.

There are many twin wall flue systems available on the market, but here at Stove Supermarket we always recommend the Thermo-Tec T600 for a number of reasons. Here’s why this should be your first pick:

  • Provides a high temperature insulated flue system designed for optimum performance
  • Easy to install using twist and lock technology
  • Available in stainless steel and black powder coating finishes
  • RAL colours are available to order if required
  • The system is suitable for gas, oil, solid fuel, multi-fuel, pellet, biomass and wet appliances
  • CE approved
  • 15+ year warranty

We are also able to provide next day delivery and a flue design service to all our customers, making your stove installation process flow as smoothly as possible.

Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about flue liners and fittings, and our entire range of products can be found here.

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