How to design your space around your stove - our top tips!

How to design your space around your stove - our top tips!

As more and more people have been looking to beautify their homes in recent years and optimise their space to make it truly work for them, a stove has become a go-to option for accessorising the perfectly designed room.

Log burners have become especially popular again, often evoking the popular Scandinavian philosophy of 'Hygge' which can be boiled down to making your home as cosy and comfy as possible. As well as a wide range of log burners, there are also stunning gas, electric and boiler stoves which allow you to use the fuel that suits you best without compromising on aesthetics. (To find out which type of stove fulfils all of your requirements we’ve got another blog to help you find the best fit!)

Here are just a few of our top tips for getting the most out of your space and designing a room with the perfect stove in mind!


Make your stove a focal point

A stove can make a stunning centrepiece for any living area in your home, whether your decor is rigidly classical or a little more modern. Having armchairs and sofas facing towards a stove not only allows recliners to feel the full warming effects of the fire but also gives a wintery, romantic atmosphere to your space.

A fireplace is a fantastic way to frame any type of stove and is a great way to add depth and height to a room. From the grand traditional fireplace to minimalist, modern designs, few homes aren't elevated by a fireplace. Perfect for any room, but especially perfect for a cosy den or reading space where you can huddle around in the winter and read books by the firelight, nothing suggests comfort more than sitting around warming your feet by the fire.


Combine an inset stove with a media centre

As well as using a fireplace, another option to make your stove part of the focal point in your room is to combine it with a TV and media centre to create the ultimate cosy home-viewing experience.

Whether you want a minimalist design with a plain wall inset with a wood-burning stove and a flat-screen TV mounted above, or a fitted cabinet that takes up the whole wall and includes your stove, TV, speakers and bookshelves, there are endless ways to integrate a stove into your room. Integrated media centres like this are perfect for family rooms, where entertainment, comfort and space efficiency are equally important considerations.


Use colour to your advantage

Whether fitting a stove into an existing space or decorating your whole room from scratch with the stove in mind, adding a splash of colour in the form of your stove could be the perfect way to add that final personalised detail to tie your entire room together!


Endless possibilities

These are just a few of the ways to integrate a stove into your existing decor, rearrange and redecorate using a stove as a centrepiece, or as the perfect accessory to your room. You may think stoves only fit in living rooms and classically designed houses, but there is no reason why a stove wouldn't look just as good in a modern kitchen or a bedroom. Or why not join two rooms with a stylish double-sided stove, to add the illusion of more space and to maximise your efficiency when heating your house?

To see a wide range of high-quality stoves and find out which options best fit your needs, have a browse of our collections – or why not drop us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051 for some friendly advice!

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