How to turn a small outdoor space into a garden escape

How to turn a small outdoor space into a garden escape

One of life's great joys is enjoying the gifts of the outdoors. Whether your garden space is big or small, at Stove Supermarket, we believe it's possible to maximise your available space to create a beautiful, spacious-feeling garden if you decorate your garden carefully.


When planning your space, it's important to measure the area beforehand so that you don't accidentally purchase anything that won't physically fit in your garden! We find drawing up a rough floor plan of the area helps. Once you've got your dimensions and a rough guide of what your garden looks like, you can start planning! From fire pits and barbecues to furniture and lighting, there are plenty of ways to customise your limited outdoor space to create an attractive, charming outdoor area.



We suggest you start with furniture, then add to the area after this, as it is the furniture that is likely to take up the most room. Where possible, placing furniture alongside the outer perimeters of your small space will provide seating without taking up too much of the area.


For smaller families, why not try an outdoor dining set that includes two chairs and a small table – such as the Rio Bistro Set? As there are just three items, you can afford to opt for a more outlandish design which may take up a little more space!


Fireplaces and fire pits

Some sort of heating element can be essential to gardens in the UK - we all know how chilly it can get! Nothing creates a more homely feel than a live fire, after all, humans have been huddling around them and socialising for millennia. When working with a smaller space, a sleeker, taller design might be most desirable, or a fireplace that has its own storage.


Purchasing an outdoor oven kit might be a good idea, which will allow you to both cook delicious meats, pizzas and more and will expel heat into the area. Finding an oven that has storage space underneath can be useful for storing logs or coals or will give you space to put accessories such as ash scrapers, flue pipes and pizza peels – like the Morso Forno Deluxe Garden Package!


If you've no intention of cooking outside and would prefer something simpler, then go for a more visually impressive slimline option. A beautiful, sleek outdoor fireplace will keep your guests toasty warm without taking up too much space – why not have a look at the Cosicube 70 black fire pit.



Choosing the right lighting for your space can entirely transform the area. Different lights can create a different mood, depending on the vibe you're going for. You can rely on the warm glow of a fire pit if you'd like your garden to feel cosy, which might be complemented by some string lights or a lantern. For more of a visual statement, try an outdoor lamp that creates a dancing flame that produces a subtle, soft light.


Whether you're aiming to create a cosy, homely space, or a simple and ultra-functional area, at Stove Supermarket, we have a variety of pieces that will help you to make the most of your garden space.


If you would like to discuss your dream garden or want to have a look through our fantastic outdoor range - contact us on 01226 816 051, visit our website here or send us an email at !


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