The pizza oven: What does it bring to your outdoor kitchen?

The pizza oven: What does it bring to your outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are a popular addition to any home and enable you to cook some tasty food al fresco. While the traditional BBQ has long been the favoured choice for many, pizza ovens are catching up fast and this is mainly down to the many benefits this type of oven brings. But what exactly will one bring to your outdoor kitchen?


All-year round outdoor cooking

Many people wrongly think that pizza ovens are only beneficial to have during the summer months. This is actually not true and something of a myth. While these ovens are naturally perfect for warmer weather, they are still great to use during the rest of the year. This means buying a pizza oven gives you access to great-tasting, freshly cooked food whenever you fancy it. Even if the weather is not good enough to eat outside, you can still use your oven to cook food before bringing it back inside to eat.


Pizza ovens make a great focal point

Whilst the delicious food these ovens help you prepare is important, this is not the only thing they offer. Pizza ovens also make a superb focal point for any outdoor space, not only giving your garden extra appeal but also creating a central point for people to gather. When you have friends or family over, for example, the focal point this type of oven gives enables everyone to socialise more easily and also gives a great conversation piece if the chatter dries up!


Versatile cooking solution

Another myth that has grown around these ovens is that you can only cook pizza on them. A lot of people assume this - but this is not true! While knocking up tasty, authentic pizzas is naturally a breeze, they can also be used to cook other foods. They are great for jacket potatoes, for example, and most other vegetables. Fish is also truly delicious when cooked in a pizza oven, as are flatbreads. This versatility means you can cook up a real storm and create food everyone will love with a pizza oven!


Pizza ovens are socially inclusive

The best thing about having people over is the interaction between you all. This can be helped greatly by the social inclusion that pizza ovens deliver. For example, most people enjoy making their own pizza and having fun seeing what everyone else comes up with. It is also great fun for people to eat the pizza they have cooked with the rest of the group afterwards. By bringing everyone together like this, pizza ovens really do bring extra hands-on fun to parties and mealtimes.


They look great

In terms of your outdoor kitchen, wood-fired pizza ovens simply bring more style and elegance to proceedings. Available in a range of designs, it is easy to find one that is aesthetically pleasing and has the look you want. If you are after a quick and easy way to revamp how your garden looks, it is a great option.


Pizza ovens at Stove Supermarket

There truly are some superb benefits that a pizza oven can bring to any outdoor kitchen. Here at Stove Supermarket, we have a wide range of pizza ovens to buy in a range of different styles! If you want to have a browse at our range or find out more about the pizza ovens we have to offer – get in touch! Visit our website, send us an email at or give us a call on 01226 816 051.

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