Why a fire pit is a fantastic addition to your garden!

Why a fire pit is a fantastic addition to your garden!

Everyone has spent a lot more time at home over the past year or so - and whilst we have learnt that home really is where the heart is, what we have also gained is an appreciation for our outdoor space.


If you are looking forward to spending more time outdoors in your own garden, then you want to add to it and make it feel wonderful. Ornamentation and a perfectly mowed lawn are all well and good, but if you want to bring some truly enchanting atmosphere to your garden, you should not be without a fire pit.


But why a fire pit? We have the answers!


The atmosphere

Sitting outdoors, you rarely get the same cosy atmosphere that you enjoy inside your home. However, a fire pit creates an air of magic and cosiness that you cannot beat. Be prepared to sit in front of a warming fire and enjoy the way it changes the mood and feel of your entire garden.


The warmth

Your fire pit is sure to give off an impressive amount of heat, meaning not only is it perfect for use during the summer months, creating a welcoming ambience – but it can also be used to warm you up in the winter months. Therefore, having a fire pit in your garden might actually encourage you to spend more time outside, even when the weather turns chilly!


The aesthetic

As well as the atmosphere and sense of homeliness that a fire pit creates, you can also enjoy its aesthetic benefits. Whether you love the look of a modern, minimalist home, or you prefer a rustic vibe, a fire pit is a perfect centrepiece. No matter what your style, a fire pit is a classic addition to any garden.


The versatility

No one particular fire pit could possibly suit all tastes, and as such, there are a range of fuel forms to choose from. You may want to go for a wood burning fire pit, fantastic for those who love the wholesome, authentic scent of burning wood - or if you’d prefer a hassle-free fire pit, fuelled using clean-burning gas for convenience and safety, perhaps a gas fire may be more your taste! Alternatively, an electric fire pit would be perfect for those looking for a contemporary and eco-friendly take on the traditional fire pit.

Whatever your needs, there is a fire pit to suit you!


The socialising

We have been doing a lot of our socialising outdoors recently and having to just embrace whatever the British weather throws at us has actually made us realise – al fresco living is actually really enjoyable!!


The social benefits of having a fire pit are huge - you can invite friends and family around for events and enjoy the warming glow of the fire as it automatically creates a relaxed feeling for any event – so much so, you might start hosting more of them!


With all of these factors to bear in mind, now could be the perfect time to invest in a fire pit and create a beautiful new dimension to your outdoor space.


If you would like to browse our fire pit range further, get in touch today! Contact us on 01226 816 051, visit our website here or send us an email at sales@stovesupermarket.co.uk !

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