Beginner’s Guide To Outdoor Heating

Beginner’s Guide To Outdoor Heating

Enjoying the benefits of outdoor living is a priority for increasing numbers of UK homeowners, who put it at the top of their garden landscaping and improvement plans. Even people with small gardens or backyards are finding innovative ways to use that space to relax, pursue hobbies or socialise.

What do you need outdoor heating for?

Unfortunately, the British weather is not kind enough to support sitting outside year-round unless you have access to the comforting warmth of outdoor heating. This is why multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves for outdoor use were invented! Having a source of warmth in your garden can make it possible to benefit from open space, fresh air and peace even in the winter months. For many homeowners, enjoying their garden means being able to entertain guests or benefit from family time, so having outdoor heat sources to cook with is a wonderful option.

Combined outdoor heat and cooking options

Stove Supermarket offers many attractive products that provide outdoor heating for both warmth and food preparation. This includes fire pits that burn wood or charcoal. These comes in various sizes - and highly creative designs - to match any size or type of garden. They generate a considerable amount of heat, and you can also use them to toast food items. Some outdoor fireplaces also give off ample heat while offering you ways to grill food at the same time.

Garden cooking ideas

If you take outdoor socialising seriously, or you just love eating outside as a family or couple, Stove Supermarket offers innovative and attractive external cooking appliances. It’s possible to buy an outdoor oven for specialist food prep, such as wood-fired pizza ovens. You can also find outdoor grills that take the concept of barbecue to a whole new level. In fact, some models allow you to literally cook food outdoors at different levels, for the perfect al fresco feast. Others are more compact food grills, and highly efficient gas-fuelled barbecues that are quick and versatile. Maybe you would prefer to explore international ideas for outdoor cuisine, such as cast-iron grills inspired by African food preparation techniques. Many outdoor food cooking appliances look absolutely amazing and can be an attractive addition to your garden.

The wonder of garden warmth, year-round

What are the options to stay warm with garden heating equipment that makes outdoor living possible in any season?

There are a wide range of safe, low maintenance outdoor fireplace and stove products especially engineered for use in UK gardens. Modern manufacturers have created outdoor fireplaces that can easily become a focal point too, as they are beautifully designed and appealing to look at even when they are unlit! However, they also give off excellent heat values, leaving you feeling warm and cosy, with the minimum of fuss and bother.

Can you heat backyards and small gardens?

No beginners guide to outdoor heating can fail to mention that many UK homeowners have backyards or small gardens. If you’re short of room outdoors it’s not an obstacle, as you can even buy compact fire pots, smaller stoves or compact outdoor ovens for safe use even in confined spaces.

Browse Stove Supermarket’s range to find the outdoor heating product that best suits your garden, aims and need for warmth!

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