Parkray Aspect 14 Boiler Stove Review

Parkray Aspect 14 Boiler Stove Review

Parkray stoves have been heating people’s homes for more than 100 years. The company was originally called Park Foundry when it launched in 1850, and quickly became one of the most well-known and trusted names in the sector.

The company is now based in Devon and continues to design and build innovative stoves suitable for 21st century heating needs. One of the newest models from Parkray is the Aspect 14 Eco Wood Burning boiler stove, which offers customers patented Tripleburn technology. Here’s a deeper look into what the Aspect 14 can do.

What to expect from the Parkray Aspect 14 Boiler Stove

The Aspect 14 has a lot going for it if you’re looking for a sizeable hit of heat generation, eco credentials and a stylish finish.

It’s a powerful wood burner that can pump out up to 15kW of heat – far more than most people need to heat one room. Encased in a contemporary finish, the Aspect 14 won’t date your room as the years go by – it has the kind of design that will last for years.

As well as good looks, the Aspect 14 boiler stove has loads of innovative extras and is compliant with EcoDesign 2022 standards. We particularly like the way that it brings a comforting ambience to the space in the same way as a real fire.

Open plan living spaces and large living rooms would particularly benefit from this powerhouse of a stove, which comes with different handle options to fit in with your décor.

Innovative technology and useful features

So, we know it looks great, offers the same kind of glow as a real fire and is more than powerful enough to heat large spaces, but what else can it do?

Crucially, the Parkray Aspect 14 burns really well. And while it’s a specifically designed wood burner, the stove can be used to burn solid fuels with the optional multi-fuel kit.

We mentioned earlier that the stove can get up to 15kW of heat when needed, but its usual is around 8kW. So when you need a boost, you just change the air controls and benefit from the eco-friendly, efficient heat.

The Tripleburn tech ensures that around 5x less smoke is produced by the Aspect 14 than is required by the EcoDesign 2022 standardisation. We love this high level of eco-friendly tech, which means staying warm this winter doesn’t need to further damage the environment.

Its Airwash system draws air into the top of the stove. This is then heated in the central chamber and finally directed downwards behind the glass front. This creates a kind of screen between the glass and the fire itself so that combustion particles and smoke don’t damage or cloud up the glass.

Parkray’s innovative tech means a wood burning efficient of 77% and perfectly balanced controllability. The three air streams we described above make for the most efficient way to burn fuel in the home.

Heat your home and your water with the Aspect 14

You can choose from different plinths that boost the height of the stove, so that you can ensure the flames are at the ideal level for your living space. Watching the flames gives a very relaxing vibe, as well as the heat, which will be a welcome boost throughout the winter.

And of course, it’s not just for heating the home itself. The Parkray Aspect 14 also heats your water quickly, efficiently and in an ecologically sound way.

Features we love about the Parkray Aspect 14

  • It looks amazing – the viewing glass panel emits the kind of warm glow that you get from an open fire, unhindered by smoke thanks to the Airwash system.
  • If you want to burn other solid fuels you can with the multi-fuel kit extra.
  • The heat output range of 8kW to 15kW is truly impressive and is more than enough for most rooms and open living spaces.
  • It’s very efficient when wood is used.
  • The Tripleburn Technology means uber efficient burning on environmentally sound principles.
  • The energy efficiency is rated A.
  • Very low CO emissions (0.06%).
  • The Aspect 14 is fully compliant with the Defra criteria for emission levels.
  • Its hot water store is between 8 and 14 radiators (depending on the size of the system) and it’s suitable for open vented systems.
  • You don’t need to clean the glass!

Is the Parkray Aspect 14 what you need?

If you’re looking for a wood burning stove that meets strict eco criteria, is extremely efficient and heats your water too, then the Aspect 14 could be for you. Find out more about this model here.

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