Brand Spotlight: Stovax

Brand Spotlight: Stovax

Introducing Stovax, one of the UK'S leading stove and fireplace manufacturers. This wood-burning stove range comprises a remarkable selection of products created with the latest combustion technology. DEFRA-approved, Glass fronted fireboxes, first-class flame control, and an extraordinary fire view– you name it, Stovax has it. Now, let's dig a little deeper. 


Where it all began 

Stovax was established in 1981, primarily selling only fireside accessories in Exeter. Still, after mass expansion over the past few decades, Stovax has recently celebrated its 41st anniversary in creating and manufacturing stoves and now ships to 25 countries worldwide. Their later partnership with Gazco in 1988 led to further success and growth in both their product ranges and designs – the Stovax Heating Group is now part of the NIBE Stoves group, a market-leading provider of domestic heating products. 


Company values  

Stovax pride itself in its environmentally conscious product design. All gas products are made to run as efficiently as possible, minimising waste and saving energy. They also offer a range of Ecodesign-ready stoves – like this Stovax Vogue Medium Wood Burning Stove. Alongside this, they aim to continue to design stoves and fires that harness natural fuel resources' full potential while providing world-class customer service. They also strive to drive innovation within the business all year round – this includes new ways of thinking and challenges to pioneer solutions and technologies.

Stovax Vogue Medium Wood Burning Stove - Stove Supermarket

Our top picks

  The Stovax Vogue Midi T Highline Wood Burning Stove is one of our personal favourites. This glamourous centrepiece has a large firebox, stands on a tall log store base, and features a Convector Heat Flow system to increase heat performance. With a 5kw Nominal output and A-rated efficiency, this piece is DEFRA approved and comes with a built-in Cleanbrush and air wash system.   

Stovax Vogue Midi T Highline Wood Burning Stove - Stove Supermarket

 If you’re looking for something a little smaller with a more traditional feel, meet the Stovax Stockton 8 Wood Burning Stove. Built from cast iron and steel, this stove has a striking 78.4% efficiency and a powerful heat output rate of 8kW. It is available to order with a choice of single or double doors that can be opened with a cast iron tool located over a rotating keystone. This authentic stove operates a Cleanburn system, is DEFRA approved (less harmful to the environment) and has a large firebox – making it the perfect solution for all your winter chills.

Stovax Stockton 8 Wood Burning Stove - Stove Supermarket  

A final, more modern best seller is the Stovax studio 3 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove. Designed for larger rooms, this distinctive stove has a heat output of 11Kw! It’s also SIA Eco Design 2022 ready, meeting all the latest eco requirement and an 80% efficiency rate. I you’re looking for a stunning statement piece – this is the stove for you.

Stovax Studio 3 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove - Stove Supermarket

At Stove Supermarket, we are proud to stock over 35 Stovax stoves and a range of Stovax heat resistant glass panels that withstand temperatures in excess of 600°C (available to view here). The collection is highly diverse and features everything from small, simple wood-burning stoves to large rectangular cassette stoves.

Browse their collection online or have a conversation with one of our advisors ( / 01226 816 051). 




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  • Chris Murphy