There are loads of reasons why you need a wood burning fire in your home

There are loads of reasons why you need a wood burning fire in your home

We’re all facing higher than ever energy bills as we head into winter 2022. And if you’re consider a more efficient way to keep warm this winter, or you’re after an extra form of heating to boost your household, then you should seriously consider a wood burning stove.

Modern log burners or wood-burning stoves are super-efficient and, because of this, are cheaper to run than traditional electric and gas heaters. But it’s not all about efficiency and cost – wood burners can totally transform your living space and add character to your home. There is something extremely compelling about being able to see as well as feel the heat from the flames.

Cost efficient and fuel efficient heating option

Research by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) shows that an Ecodesign wood burner, like The Hobbit, is 80% efficient in terms of heating your space. For comparison, stats show that an open gas fire is around 55% efficient and an open fire 32%.

Wood burners are self-contained within the body of the stove, which is usually cast iron or steel. Heat radiates outwards from the stove into the surrounding room, with smoke escaping up the flue and chimney.

And while it may feel counter-intuitive to say that burning wood is more eco-friendly than other appliances, research does back this up. Since January 2022, the Ecodesign standard for wood burning stoves became applicable across Europe.

Different types of wood burner

There are a number of different types of wood burning stove to think about. The best option for you will depend on your budget, the size of the space you want to heat and where it will sit in your house. Here’s a quick rundown of the different types of wood burner you can choose from.

Boiler stove

This is a great way to bring your fuel bills down and reduce the carbon footprint of your living space, as boiler stoves also heat water for your central heating. Depending on the model, it’s sometimes possible to link the stove up to an existing oil or gas central heating system, which will pull your energy bills down sharply.

Multi-fuel stove

A multi-fuel stove gives you the option of burning either smokeless fuel or wood. This is why they are designed with a raised grate – wood burns most efficiently on a bed of ash with air above it, while solid fuels need circulating air beneath them. The multi-fuel stove can be used for either. Aesthetically, this usually means they have a smaller window or viewing pane due to the design needing to make space for the grate.

Why a wood burning stove could be perfect for your home

A great reason to consider a wood burning stove is to add supplementary heat during the coldest part of the year. The heat that comes from wood burners is much more intense than other heat sources, such as underfloor heating or radiators. The heat also stays around in the space for longer.

Here are some other benefits to wood burners:

  • A wood burners gives you a way to heat your home that emits fewer carbon emissions than other heating systems. We all need to find ways to slash our carbon footprint and lower everyday emissions, and a wood burner that uses sustainable and renewable fuels is a great first step.
  • A modern wood burning stove that is built to Ecodesign regulations will save you around a third when compared to the cost of electric heating. For an average household it is also 13% less expensive than gas central heating. With energy price caps in the UK set to rise again in 2023, this is an important consideration for anyone struggling to deal with the cost of living crisis.
  • They give you a warm glow – literally! There’s evidence to show that 93% of wood burner users believe they positively impact their mental health. Lighting a fire and having a focal point to gather around with friends and family has a really positive impact on our collective psychological wellbeing, which has to be an important benefit in a world that has many stressors to deal with.

Consider the long term benefits of a wood burner

If you’re worried about the cost of initially installing a wood burning stove, then consider the long term cost benefit. It can be expensive to fit and install a wood burner, depending on your room space and needs, but the benefits long term outweigh this initial cost. Not only will you save money running it and lower your carbon emissions, but you also get to benefit from the positive impact on your wellbeing.

When choosing a wood burning stove for your living space, it’s important to work with a qualified HETAS engineer to ascertain the right heat output, the best flue type for your house and where it should go.

Given that a wood burning stove represents a considerable investment, you should take the time to fully explore the options before deciding which one you want. After all, it’s going to be in your living room and home for many years to come, so aesthetically it’s important to treat it like any piece of expensive furniture or décor.

Check out our range of wood burners here and find out how to make your living space cosy, cost effective and fuel efficient.


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  • Chris Murphy