Brand Spotlight: ACR

Brand Spotlight: ACR

In the latest of our brand focuses, we take a look at ACR. This company has carved out an enviable reputation in designing some of the leading woodburning, multifuel, electric and gas stoves over more than three decades. It is this kind of track record that makes us confident in recommending ACR to our customers as one of the best stove brands.

Let's take a closer look at the development of the company, what makes its products unique and some of the best ACR products that you can find at Stove Supermarket.

Company heritage

Over thirty years in the industry, ACR have become known as one of the top designers of premium quality stoves, in both traditional and contemporary styles. Their products are designed, engineered and tested from the bottom up in order to offer the utmost customer satisfaction after installation. The ACR collection is typically split into four separate ranges; steel, cast iron, contemporary and electric. Customers purchasing ACR stoves can take reassurance from the ten-year warranty, which is offered with all stove body castings, representing the manufacturer's faith in its product line. This ten-year warranty is applicable only when an ACR stove is bought from a recommended retailer such as Stove Supermarket.


So what is it about ACR's products which make them such a trusted brand? ACR's stoves are built to be used for a lifetime. Each of their ranges offers its own characterful style, and there is a range of finishes available, meaning each unit can blend in well with surrounding interiors. In order to ensure optimum efficiency, ACR utilises Cleanburn technology to make the most out of fuel supplies, and maintenance is made easier thanks to a powerful airwash system.

The best of ACR

So now let's look at some of the highlights from the ACR stoves range:

ACR Ashdale multi fuel / wood burning stove

Also commonly known as the ACR Ashdale SE, this is a cast iron multi fuel stove providing a 7kw heat output, and is perfect for rooms of a medium to large size. While this wood burning stove might be traditionally styled, it benefits from advanced stove technology such as a powerful airwash and extensive controls.

ACR Tenbury T400 inset multi fuel / wood burning stove

If you are looking for an ambient atmosphere from your stove to fit a 16-inch fireplace, the ACR Tenbury T400 is ideal. It offers a stylish, contemporary design, and an easy installation process which benefits from an outer connection box and a flue collar which is free-floating. For those who already have an old fireplace in their living room, the ACR Tenbury T400 can be a natural fit.

ACR Neo 3C Electric

The ACR Neo 3C Electric scooped the 'Electric Appliance of the Year' award at the Hearth & Home Exhibition and it is easy to see why. With its two-side window, the flame effect can be seen from three sides, making it a perfect choice for open plan living spaces.

So that's our look at one of the premier stove brands - ACR. If you are asking yourself "which stove should I buy?", be sure to check out the ACR range at Stove Supermarket today.

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  • Chris Murphy