Brand Spotlight: Broseley Stoves

Brand Spotlight: Broseley Stoves

From a family business founded in the heart of England, Broseley Stoves still use the same traditional techniques as they did almost 50 years ago to create their extensive collection of products.

As industry leaders in wood burning and multi fuel stove manufacture, the brand has managed to successfully balance the aesthetics of their items with their practicality. Every stove is fashioned in cast iron or steel which makes them a sturdy yet sophisticated centrepiece to any room.

Whether you’re after a sleek and contemporary model or a more traditional variety, Broseley stoves have it all. Their high-quality products are made in Britain by their skilled 400 engineers and designers. Broseley Stoves are also proud to employ locally skilled labour and help maintain a strong manufacturing presence in the North East of England, continually investing in new technology and machinery.

From multi-fuel stoves to wood burners, every stove is fitted with innovative energy-saving elements and come in a variety of styles, making a Broseley stove a perfect addition to your home.

ActiveView Technology

A number of stoves in the Brosley wood burning and multi-fuel stove range include the innovative ActiveView Technology from Evolution.

While it is possible to reduce the amount of soot deposits occurring as a result of burning solid fuels by reducing the moisture content, ActiveView takes this one step further and enables the stove to keep its own glass clean for longer. Through a hidden system of ducts and channels, the ActiveView system directs three types of airflow into the fire.

The primary airflow comes from beneath the fuel, which is used to get the fire started. The secondary airflow introduces air to the back and top of the stove where it warms and circulates down the surface of the glass. This current of air prevents smoke from coming into contact with the glass, meaning you keep a consistently clear view of your fire. The final airflow allows small jets of air to pass through and ignite, sending spurts of flame into the heart of the fire and boosting combustion.

The Range

Silverdale 5 SE

Broseley’s wood burning stoves can transform any interior. A great example being the Silverdale 5 SE, available from just £473.00. With its timeless steel design, including a matt black finish and removable chrome handle. The Silverdale 5 SE would be the perfect fit in any fireplace.

This wood burner is DEFRA and CE approved and would be a great appliance for anyone that lives in a smoke control area. Fitted with new Actiview Technology to help keep the glass clean and reduce harmful emissions, its compact size does not compromise its superb quality.

York Grande SE

At £725, The York Grande SE is much more well suited to those on the lookout for a more traditional centrepiece, with its arched legs and bold lines incorporated into the cast iron design. With a maximum output of 7.5Kw, this Multifuel/wood burning stove is great for medium to large sized rooms.

This Strove is also DEFRA approved and features the Actiview technology, that keeps your glass window clean so that you can enjoy the beauty of the stove for longer.

Serrano 7 SE

The Serrano 7 SE Log Store retails at £1,005 but it is completely worth the price- it offers so much more than other models. The log store underneath has a large capacity, which means fewer trips outside to fetch more wood. Moreover, the cast iron construction in a matt black finish will be sure to create a statement wherever it is placed in your home.

This Multi-fuel stove has a heat output of 7.5Kw and utilises primary and secondary air control, which keeps your appliance burning for longer.

The Broseley collection caters to a variety of styles and sizes, ensuring that there a Broseley stove that will suit every home. Shop the collection now.

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