The Top 5 Stoves of 2019 : Stove Supermarkets Stoves to watch in 2019

The Top 5 Stoves of 2019 : Stove Supermarkets Stoves to watch in 2019

 As the new year approaches here at Stove Supermarket we’ve begun to take a look at our top 5 stoves which we believe will be the best stoves of 2019. We’ve taken into account which stoves have the best efficiency, environmental impact and will look great in your home! Our list of stoves to watch in the New Year include: the Arrow Ecoburn plus 5 widescreen, the Jotul F105, the Flavel Arundel, the Flavel Arundel XL and the ACR Neo 3P.


The Arrow Ecoburn plus 5 widescreen:


This gorgeous stove is the wider version of the popular model the Ecoburn Plus 5. The Aarow Ecoburn plus 5 widescreen is able to burn wood and solid fuels, giving you fuel flexibility.

This DEFRA approved beauty has a large viewing glass giving you a lovely view of the flames, with preheated airwash system to keep your glass clean meaning you can enjoy the view for longer! This stove also has an impressive output of 1.5-9Kw of heat and has an efficiency of 79.3%.


The Jotul F105 Base:


A stunning display of contemporary Norwegian design, the F105 comes with the option between three different base options: short legs, long legs and a tall base. There is also colour choice between black paint or white enamel finish, with the additional option to add soapstone top, outside air kit, convection hear shield and clip on ashlip – this is a truly customisable option giving you the power to choose a stove that is exactly to your liking!

 The F105 has an A+ efficiency rating and is DEFRA approved with a heat output of 5Kw – perfect for medium rooms!


The Flavel Arundel MK2:


A carefully designed modern model with steel body and a cast iron door, the Flavel Arundel features a beautiful large viewing window, and a powerful glass airwash system allows you to enjoy the view for longer! The Flavel Arundel is DEFRA approved and comes with a 4.9Kw heat output – the perfect choice for the eco-conscious!


The Flavel Arundel XL:


The widescreen version of the Flavel Arundel. The XL comes with all the perks of its little brother including DEFRA approval, 4.9Kw heat output and modern design. The difference between the two lies in this models stunningly widescreen viewing window, allowing you an uninhibited view of the flames!


The ACR Neo 3 Pedestal:


A fully DEFRA approved and contemporary model, this stunner provides a beautiful talking point for the modern home. This stove comes with the option to come as a pedestal, cupboard base or a wall hanging model. Perfect for the medium room the ACR Neo 3 has a heat output of 5Kw!

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