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The Hobbit Stove – Best Small Wood Stove on the Market | Stove Supermarket

The Hobbit Stove – Best Small Wood Stove on the Market | Stove Supermarket

The Hobbit Stove – Best Small Wood Stove on the Market?

Do you have a small space perfect for a little log burner? The Hobbit Stove might be exactly what you are looking for!


The UK's Smallest DEFRA Approved Wood Burning Stove.

Back in 2018 we took a look at the Hobbit SE wood burning stove to see if it was one of the best small wood stoves on the market. Lots can happen in 2 years so we decided to take another look at this popular little wood burner to see if it was still one of the stand out small stoves available to buy.  In short, the answer is a resounding yes! We’ve compiled lots of info on the Hobbit Stove and created a short video to talk you through some of its features and benefits too. So, if you’re looking for a small wood burning stove that’s versatile, stylish and cost effective then perhaps you need look no further than the Hobbit SE.

The Hobbit stove was created to fill a niche in the market - It caters to those in need of a small cast iron log burner, with all the benefits and quality found in larger wood-burning stoves.

The Hobbit stove is created by Salamander LTD, a small family run company based in sunny Devon - England. With over 12 years of experience in the wood burning world, Mark and Gill combined that knowledge into the design of the Hobbit stove. They recognized the demand for a high quality cast iron stove that had a smaller footprint - 'An affordable small stove with all the attributes of a bigger one'.

Since 2009, The Hobbit stove has found its home inside canal boats, small fireplaces, cabins, tree houses, sheds, garden rooms, and many other small locations around the world. The Hobbit SE is the smallest DEFRA approved stove in the UK. A quality cast iron stove ideal for a wide range of applications.

So what makes it such a great little wood burner?

Well first off, the size.

This little stove is tiny!

It measures 460mm high, 302mm wide and 351mm in depth. The stove also has an option log store available which takes the overall height up to 618mm. For the full dimensions of the stove Click Here.

The Hobbit is also available in a multitude of different colors. You can customise the colour of the stove body, the main door, the ashpit door and even the air spinner! You can come up with some wonderful colour combinations, check out the designs below!

For the full available colour chart Click Here.

The Colour Combinations are endless!

The smallest DEFRA Approved UK Stove

Brass Fittings

The Hobbit stove has a variety of additional options available. As standard all the fittings (handles / hinges) are finished in chrome steel, you can upgrade these to Brass. You can also have a Gallery Rail fitted along the top of the stove. This is also available in chrome steel or brass.

The Hobbit SE Brass Fittings

Log Store

An option log store is available for all Hobbit stoves. This brings the entire appliance further off the ground, ideal if you dont want to bend too far down to open the door for refueling. The log store offers an aditional 158mm in height.

The Hobbit SE Log Store

Add In Boiler

The Hobbit stove also offers an optional back boiler for a little hot water. Just enough for your narrowboat perhaps? The back boiler is made of steel and slips into the back of the stove. See the installation instructions for more information.

The Hobbit SE Boiler

Coal Front Bar

A coal bar is also available for when you wish to burn other fuels other than wood. It is used to keep the coals from falling out of the front of the stove when you open the fire door for refuling.

The Hobbit SE Coal Front Bar

Stainless Steel Cooktop

Finally, a stainless steel cooktop is available! This is used for when you want to do a little cooking on your stove. It uses the heat generated from the fire box to heat the stainless steel plate, warming up any pot or pan you place on it!

The Hobbit SE Stainless Steel Top

The Hobbit Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove Technical & Downloads

  • Bargain! - Starts at £525
  • Hand finished in the UK
  • 4Kw Heat Output
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • DEFRA Approved
  • Massive Colour Choice
  • Multi-Fuel & Wood Burning
  • Top & Rear Flue Outlets
  • 5 Year Stove Body Warranty
  • Around 2 - 3 weeks wait time on coloured stoves
  • Options are additional costs
  • Heavy stove given the size


Stove Supermarket Download IconThe Hobbit SE - Stovebright Colour Chart

Stove Supermarket Download IconThe Hobbit SE - Dimensions

Stove Supermarket Download IconThe Hobbit SE - Manual

Stove Supermarket Download IconThe Hobbit SE - How To Bolt Down

Stove Supermarket Download IconThe Hobbit SE - Energy Label


Technical Information
Heat Output 4Kw
Efficiency 75%
Width 302mm
Height 465mm
Depth 272mm
Height to centre of rear flue 373mm
Depth to centre of top flue 115mm
Suitable for 12mm hearth Yes
Suitable for direct air supply Yes
Maximum log length 200mm
Weight 50Kg
Flue Diameter 100mm (4")
Flue Outlet Top or Rear Exit
DEFRA Approved Yes
Cast Iron Or Steel Cast Iron
Warranty 5 Years
Distance To Combustibles
Side 400mm
Rear 450mm

The Hobbit Stove


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  • Paul

    If we buy the log store with the Hobbit would we still need a hearth?

  • JEVubqWOoweQMrPg


  • Peter Brooks
    Peter Brooks

    Hello, I have a open fireplace with an opening of 500mm wide and 600mm high to front steel lintle. Will your burner fit without doing building work to the fire surround?

  • John Lemon
    John Lemon

    Do you have recommended fitters in the Dorset area . We live in Poole

  • Richard Brett
    Richard Brett

    Would you ship to new zealand. Wet back boiler reqired. Rough cost to get to any north island port. Thanks

  • Tanja Sosic Sosic
    Tanja Sosic Sosic

    Do you send to Croatia? Is it possible to install it in van?
    Thank you

  • Grace Iona Robinsun-light
    Grace Iona Robinsun-light

    Hello can l ues the Hobbit stove in my van if so can you supply the flue chimney … yours Grace

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