Which Wood Stove Should I Choose For a Log Cabin Or Shed

Which Wood Stove Should I Choose For a Log Cabin Or Shed

A wood stove can be the perfect addition to your log cabin or shed, enhancing cosiness and increasing comfort. We all love to enjoy the outdoors, but it’s no fun if you’re cold. Adding a stove means constant warmth in a sustainable and convenient manner. However, it’s essential that you choose an appropriate stove, as we wouldn’t want you to encounter any safety issues.

As long as your wooden stove is appropriately installed, they are completely safe for use in a log cabin or shed. It’s important to take into account the size of your cabin, and therefore the size of the stove that you’ll need. You also need to consider how much space you’ll need to leave between the stove and any furniture, ceilings or walls. As well as the logistical elements, you should think about the specific features you want your stove to have, such as whether you’d like to cook with it, or if you’d like to burn smokeless fuel as well as wood.

Here we suggest some products and stoves that could be the perfect fit:



Vlaze isn’t a stove, but a shield product, allowing you to reduce the distance between your stove and any combustibles by half. Manufactured from heat resistant vitreous enamel, it’s also aesthetically pleasing for your cabin or shed. We also recommend that you thoroughly fireproof your wooden building using heat resistant cement to be completely safe. Finally, it’s a good idea to buy a twin wall flue for your stove, which can be used instead of a chimney, which is likely to be absent from your log cabin or shed.


ACR Malvern Classic SE Multi Fuel/Wood Burning Stove

Featuring a multitude of advanced features, this stove offers quality and style, capable of burning both wood and solid fuels. It is also one of the eco-friendliest stoves you’ll find, having an SIA Eco Design Ready status.


Salamander Hobbit SE

This stove has a heat output of 4Kw and is the smallest DEFRA approved stove you’ll find in the UK. The reliable heat output makes it an ideal log cabin stove. It is capable of burning wood, coal, and alternative fuels.


Morso 3116 Badger Wood Burning Stove

If you’re only interested in burning wood within your log cabin, the newest model by Morso stoves ensures each part of the fuel is evenly burned, making it more efficient than most. It’s also very aes-thetically pleasing, with the large glass area giving a lovely view of the flames.


Esse G5 Outdoor Wood Burning Stove and Grill

This handy stove includes a top-quality grill, allowing you to safely and successfully cook on your stove. Even more impressively, when folded down, the grill can be used as a kettle, making it the perfect stove for shed use. Have a brew while you relax and watch the flames.

To explore our full range of wooden stoves, check out the Stove Supermarket website. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and professional team – we are eager to help you find the per-fect stove for your log cabin or shed.

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