15 Top Tips For Outdoor Living Spaces

15 Top Tips For Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you have a vast garden or a small balcony to work with, you can make the most of your outdoor living space and ensure it’s a lively and space-efficient area that allows you to enjoy the sun this summer. Have a look through our 15 tips for outdoor living spaces and see if anything inspires you.


Sufficient Lighting

Outdoor living spaces aren’t just for during the day. To make the most of your outdoor area it needs to be just as appealing during the cooler nights as it is whilst the sun is out. Whether you’re having a late evening barbecue or fancy star gazing in your garden, the right lighting can create an ambient feel to see you into the early hours of the morning. We’d suggest the Morso Bel as your lighting source as they create a cosy atmosphere that’ll leave you not wanting to go back inside.


Different seating options

There are many different seating options available for your outdoor living area. From fancy outdoor furniture to convenient, portable stools, we have a range of options at Stove Supermarket that will suit the style of your garden and the space you have available. Seating is important as it gives you a place to relax in your garden as well as enjoying the tasty food you might’ve prepared on your barbecue. Seating options can also give your garden segments which will make it appear bigger, however too many seating options can make your space appear cluttered so be careful not to overdo it. The Pacific Lifestyle Reims Grey 4-Seater Lounge Set is a great option if you’d like a comfortable area to sit whilst enjoying the weather.


Outdoor Dining

Gas-powered barbecues, outdoor pizza ovens, wood burning grills and cast-iron barbecues, the possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor cooking and dining. There’s no better way to make the most of your outdoor space than by enjoying a tasty meal cooked alfresco! Whether you opt to cook burgers, sausages, steaks or chicken; grill kebabs, fish or halloumi, or toast flatbreads and veggies, we’ve got a cooking appliance that’ll inspire you to ditch cooking in your kitchen and head outside. Here’s a few of our top picks: Morso Forno Grande BBQ, Kamado Joe – Big Joe III Grill, Morso Forno Outdoor Oven, Lifestyle Dragon Egg Charcoal BBQ.


Fire source

We all know the British weather isn’t reliable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sitting outside even if the weather is a bit cooler. Stoves aren’t just for inside your house, an outdoor stove or heating appliance can be the perfect centre piece of your garden and provide you with heat and warmth whatever the season. From outdoor firepits and stoves, to fireplaces and patio heaters, we have a product that will complement your outdoor area.


Create a focal point

A great outdoor space is usually built around one key area. The focal point of your garden can be created using furniture, a cooking station or seating, each to great effect. Everything else should then be built around this to support the piece. A focal point gives the eye something to land on and can really turn an average outdoor space into a cosy and appealing area.


Aesthetic appeal

One of the best ways to increase the value of your house as well as making the most of your space is to make your outdoor area / garden look brilliant and be aesthetically pleasing. This can be done in infinite ways including adding a colour scheme, keeping it spacious, or adding different elements such as a cooking station, area for sitting down and a plants section. If you can get this right then you’ll be sure to have an amazing looking outdoor space that you can enjoy all year round.


Keep it clean

It’s not just about having a beautiful outdoor space, it also needs to be maintained and kept on top of. As we mention later on, storage is a necessity. But so is the right equipment and tools to keep your space clean. The Morso Brush and Pan set will help with any fire ash that is left over and help brush any dead leaves and other debris up. We’d also suggest the Morso Canvas Log Carrier to keep your wood in one place and tidy.


Stay refreshed

There’s nothing better than a refreshing beer to accompany the hot weather. But sometimes beer out of the bottle just isn’t the same as a cool, refreshing pint from a beer tap. The Lindr 25K Beer Dispenser & Chiller is the ideal way to tap, cool, and professionally pour your draught beer at your next party, get together or function. Make sure you and your family are hydrated and refreshed during the warmer months of the year!


Hot tubs and water features

If you have a bit more space and are looking for something a bit fancier to add to your outdoor living space, a hot tub or water feature could be a great choice. Sit back and relax in a Naked Flame EcoTub 1.8 Wood Fired Hot Tub or a Naked Flame Oval Sauna And Accommodation Wood Fired Sauna. Bringing the spa to your garden, you can enjoy the health benefits and relaxation of a sauna without having to leave your home.


Stay out of the sun

Even in Britain, the sun can sometimes get too much and taking a break could be a good idea. But that doesn’t mean you have to go inside, investing in a parasol means you can make the most of the weather whilst staying cool. We’d recommend the Pacific Lifestyle Glow Challenger Luna Grey Parasol as it also includes brilliant atmospheric LED lighting meaning you can enjoy your outdoor space in evening even when the sun goes down.



No outdoor space is complete without some entertainment. Whether you’re hosting a party and need some amusement or would just like something to keep your family busy, a source of entertainment is a great idea. The Riley Neptune 7ft Outdoor Pool table can bring the whole family together with the options of being an American Pool Table, Dining Table, or even a Table Tennis Table.



Make sure your outdoor space is kept tidy and all of your garden tools are stored in one place. Maintenance of your garden is key, but the correct tools are needed to do this. Storing these tools effectively can be a difficult task but it is vital if you’d like your outdoor space to be as space efficient as possible. If you’ve invested in an outdoor stove it’s also a good idea to keep on top of the mess caused by ash and burnt wood, for this we’d suggest the Morso Ash and Storage Bucket. This great bit of kit is made of steel and has a tight-fitting lid for safe storage until the embers have entirely died down.



The details really do make all the difference. That’s why it’s important to add some stylish accessories to your outdoor space to take it to the next level. These accessories can be anything from cooking utensils to wood pellets. Mini pots scattered around your garden can also add a great colour accent and complement your garden furniture. If you’re looking for some table accessories the Morso Spice Mill and Chilli Jar and two great products that you should check out.



Over the past few years, there has been an increased in demand for everything to become more eco-friendly. Consequently, one of the biggest trends this year is sustainable gardening. Whether this is the more frequent use of homemade compost, or planting flowers and herbs to encourage the appearance of little helpers such as bees and butterflies, one of your main priorities should be to ensure that your garden is sustainable and eco-friendly.


Finishing touches

There’d be no point going to all this effort to make a beautiful outdoor space to not completely finish it. The finishing touches of your garden can make or break it. Small features such as a sculpture or plant can really make all the difference and elevate your space to the next level.


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